Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Sun and the Moon

On my way into town last evening, the sun was setting over the Pacific and the full moon had already risen in the east over Laguna. I pulled over at El Morro and took these photos. Such fabulous forces, the Sun and the Moon, and it's great to see them both in the sky at once. I got a little Canon camera for Dennis and Corino today, the same little Canon I use that serves me so well. Since I've been blogging I've become a bit of a shutter-bug, and I told the boys I expect them to take a lot of photos. For $17 I got a memory chip that holds 1150 photos- pretty good!

We had some odd and very humid weather yesterday, which contributed to the lovely clouds.

Also of note, this year we are having 6 series of eclpises, not the normal 4. Lisa from the Palisades farmers market sent me some information on the eclipses and their effect on our general consciousness; she says that people are releasing a lot of energy because of the eclipses. I would say it's true, I'll leave it at that....

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