Saturday, August 1, 2009

French Addresses

On the way home today I stopped off at Juxtaposition and bought a nice little journal for the trip. My journal starts with lists, such as what I want to find, or where, and for whom, so it gets started ahead of the trip. At Juxtaposition, in Crystal Cove, I also bought an Elle Decor book on Paris, which included lots of references to shopping and eating, and included a loose-leaf reference guide with all the names and coordinates. Scanning those lists of "where to go" in Paris or anywhere in France is like scanning through a missing persons list; I HOPE they have not included my favorites; PLEASE don't be there. One shop and one restaurant on "their" list are also on "my list". Thankfully the others are not there.
Paris reminds me a lot of New York in that I know how to get some place I want to go, but don't always remember the name. It's a classic French trick; ask someone where they found an item and they can tell you what arrondisement or some vague reference, but not the name or the address. The French are very protective in that way, as I am of where to go and who and what to see.
My journal is pretty cute, Paris map on the front and Tour Eiffel with measurements on the back....

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