Saturday, August 1, 2009

That's Retail!

Wow I put a lot of photos on for this post ! After the CdM market today, my Mom wanted some time with me, and we went to Orange to shop for the grand-girls for their apartments at college, and generally a little retail therapy.

Old Towne Orange has lots of country-kind of stuff, and most of it was cute but not interesting. My taste has evolved past it. But I did find an interesting linen vendor with great euro shams; I am holding out for Matteo Tat so that was a pass. I did like her ruffled linen napkins tied with hemp ric-rac, but did not buy because I like my French 22" ones.

At the very back of the store, with a window-front, I found a gem of a dealer, who has a very French-styled booth with lots of exposed brick and a window front. He had romantic mix of archtectural, taxidermy, shades of cream and a natural bent with a chandelier thrown in; it's a lower-end version of what you find at one or two stores in Paris at the flea, but the best example I've seen in the U.S. besides Bliss Linens in Corona del Mar. When we left, I spied 3 industrial gear mirrors in the window; the booth owner happened to be on site and was tracked down; he had just put them in 2 days ago.

We got to chatting and I said he must know "So and So" dealer, and he said of course; and gave a little information. What's up with the paint brushes I asked, as I had also snapped a few photos of them earlier. He thought they were just interesting; old stuff, some little explanation. They came from Texas.
On the way home, I stopped at So-and-So's store. Oh goodness, there they were, the same paint brushes, and even two under glass. I asked the vendeuse: so what's up with the paint brushes? "Oh they are just an idea the owner had", she said. "You know, paint your life, paint your future. People are buying a lot of them for gifts and special events like birthdays." Price: $45-80. You can paint your own conclusion, but all I can say is either people are hard up for a new gimmick or else the economy is just not that bad! But I have to give the retailers credit, they obviously know how to work it at the upper levels.
I did buy the three mirrors he had in the window, and they were much less than a paintbrush sous verre. I will flip them before I leave for France; they are very nice and would also be great in a garden as you don't have to worry about rust; they are already there....

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