Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, our flight is leaving in oh, about 10 hours, and here I am sitting at my sister's computer (since my internet has been down the last 2 days) with a glass of wine. I have not packed yet, but I did weed through the boys' suitcases and remove a few items (like tatty tennis shoes with holes) and added a few things (like a real cotton long sleeved shirt). The boys got their hair cut, but you could've fooled me, it still looks kind of long. Anyway, we are getting ready to go off on our adventure!

Every other aspect of my life has been taken care of this week: all orders filled, all correspondence mailed; Napoleon went to the kennel today for at least a few days, until someone in my family decides to liberate him. R is already in France, and as of today is eating take-out jambon persile and making lists of what I will cook when I get there. I also started my own list, in my little journal book, of what I will cook in Burgundy. Are coquille St. Jacques in season, I asked him? I am bringing my JR recipe for Boeuf Bourgignon. R and I agreed first off on moules frites served in the soupiere.

I have added two Calvados tastings and tours to the list, yesterday, and also a stop at the Atelier du Cuivre in Villedieu les Poeles. I have been browsing the sites of two cookware and bakeware establishments in Paris and making some preliminary choices. It's going to take me weeks to post on all of this!

In the buzz of the last few days, I wasn't able to post on Sunday; I sold a Moroccan basket to an A-list actress; that's the gist of it. She was perfectly lovely; thereafter, I told anyone who picked up that basket that "so and so" bought the same one earlier today, and they snapped it up.

Signing off, with fingers crossed for a trip with the teen boys!!! We fly through Chicago. I get on the plane there, go to sleep and wake up in Paris....ahhhhhh

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