Thursday, April 22, 2010

Acceleration, and a Sudden Stop

How many of us feel we are constantly on the run, going 'round and 'round, just like the great wheel in the Tuilleries in Paris? That's definitely how I feel the last while; except the wheel seems to be going faster and faster. Lisa the Healer in LA says absolutely, we have been in a period of acceleration. I got about 50 things done today, including picking my brother in law up at his house, my nephew at his school, and running them both to LAX. My Blackberry has become an appendage. After dog school this evening, I went with my Dad to a memorial service for one of his associates. Unfortunately, I had Biscuit with me, and my Mom got delayed....and so Biscuit and I went with Dad to the service. This is where the Sudden Stop comes in.

Fred Campos started the first portable X-ray business in Southern California, and my Dad has always read his films. Fred was enterprising, industrious, and thought big; he emigrated from Mexico, was a huge car fan, had a wonderful sense of humor and was full of life, always. He sold his business several years ago and moved to Oregon, where he had a massive heart attack a few days ago while driving, then his car wandered off the road and into a tree; he was 68 years of age.

As quickly as everything is happening, it is so humbling to remind ourselves that everything can, and will one day for each of us, stop in an instant.

The entire service this evening was in Spanish. I can understand everything in Spanish, just don't ask me to respond, because French will come out. I was touched that my Dad sat through 2 hours of the service: songs, liturgy, eulogies...all in Spanish, though he can not understand a word of it. Didn't matter; he and Fred spoke X-Ray, and that is all they needed for their own special bond.

Biscuit, meanwhile, did great too. I left her in the "Mothers Room" at the church for an hour while I sat with Dad in the church; Biscuit and 20 kids effectively babysat each other, with a few supervising parents I knew. I have no worries about this little dog, and it was great socialization for her.

Enjoy your days, every busy one of them....

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  1. I always think the same that time is accelerating. Happy to hear I am not the only one though your life would make time go faster!
    I would like a Lisa the healer too! Sounds so cool and enlightened.
    Happy to also hear that Biscuit is doing her prayers. Talk soon, early next week. XO
    Have the best weekend.