Sunday, April 18, 2010

Market Energy

The energy at the markets changes a little each week, and sometimes it's as if everyone has had a mood swing; last week, everyone was a little down, and I sold mostly discounted merchandise, though I moved a lot of it, and that was fine. This week, everyone was very "up", and I sold my highest priced merch, and multiples of it. Today in Palisades, the energy was very good very early; I have to ask Lisa the L.A. Channeler/Healer about this; is it the celestial movements?....some weeks the difference in the collective mood each week is so palpable.

To start the day, I never tire of seeing my baskets go by filled with lovelies; note her matching pink shoes; she was in a pink mood today though she is a redhead: My elusive chic shopper was back, this time in a pair of metallic flats, a pale blue sweater (cashmere no doubt) and a dark blue skirt. She is pure effortless class, always looks fabulous, a whiff of Europe, always a little mysterious, but she's not an aloof snob. She is my ideal French Basketeer client. She had her large Eze tote with her again; love it!!
I guess the good mood carries over to me too; I went to get a few bunches of cherry-blossom-type branches and I got carried away (thanks to vendor discounts) and got a bunch of lilies and blush roses and snowballs; they were all beautiful, and I thought I would sell the large Cap Ferrat Fuschia basket and the flowers, composed:

Instead, I sold the basket, twice:
Then I substituted in a yellow large Cap Ferrat:

Finally, the flowers made it home and thrilled my Mom, in her living room:

Happy Sunday....

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