Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alexandra Paul

From time to time, shoppers pick up one of my black-handled totes like Cap Ferrat or Cannes and think that the handles are made of leather. No, I tell them, they are synthetic, a simulated leather. Most of the time, shoppers are a little disappointed, but I tell them especially for the Cannes model, leather would be very difficult to cut into such little strips and band around the top of the bag. Here is a selection of mostly Cap Ferrat totes, all with the black handles; the Saint Remy in front now comes only with brown leather handles btw:
Sometimes, a shopper is really happy to hear that the handles and trim aren't leather. That was the case on Sunday, when Alexandra Paul and her husband stopped by my booth at Palisades market; here she is, presumably with her dog:

Alexandra is probably best known for her Baywatch role, where she was known as "the smart one" (she did go to Stanford, after all!) and "the only one without fake boobs." Sometimes it is so sad to be in see people like Alexandra Paul on one end of the spectrum, and scary nit-wits like Heidi Montag on the other.

She is in her mid 40's now, but she would put most 18 year olds to shame; she is one of those people you see in person and you say WOW; she is tall and thin, perfectly toned, and still very feminine; much more striking in person than in photos. She also seems to be happy: always with a smile on her face, frequently strolling holding hands with her hubby; they are a really cute couple! She has been an environmental "activist" for many years, and is very committed to reducing excess consumption across the board. She has also competed as a triathlete, and I admit every time I see her at the market, it makes me feel like I need to work out more! Her husband coaches triathletes, so they are definitely committed to fitness and health.

She bought a small Cannes tote, and both she and her hubby were very interested to hear that the baskets are perfectly sustainable, vegan, fair trade and made by women in Madagascar. I continue to be amazed at the quality construction of my merchandise, down to the handles: they are filled with grass, not with cotton twine or metal or plastic; here is one of the handles opened up:

In the U.S. I think we call this "sweetgrass." The same grasses can be colored, then used to weave the St. Tropez and Antibes baskets.

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