Saturday, April 3, 2010

Incredible Eggs

Salvador Dali had a fascination with eggs. I did a post on this last year; he loved the simple organic form of the egg, and all the organic notions that it implied. His museum (and burial place) in Spain is topped with egg forms: R and I visited his former house in Cadaques, along the Costa Brava, Spain. It is fascinating; along the rustic beach, the house is decorated with massive - guess what - Eggs. The organic form of the egg was a symbol of fertility and life for Dali; as well as hope and love and birth. I never completely understood him, but the eggs were memorable and unexpected.

Who says you can't put all your eggs in one basket, especially if you have a basket from French Basketeer? Haha! Sorry I couldn't resist that one. Unlike other baskets, my classic baskets sit flat on the bottom, they don't fall over like the cheaper ones. That is why I will dare to put all these eggs in one of my Classic French Baskets.....
We host Easter for the extended family, and for many years I blew all the chicken eggs myself. Finally, last year, I said NO MORE. Blowing out all those eggs can't be good for me; so last year I bought some blown eggs from some Psenky place, because the Martha Stewart-referred egg supplier was sold out. Can you believe it?

I found a great resource in the website This is a website that can help you fnd local farmers and local providers. Are you having an event and need something, anything, natural? Check Local Harvest. I found my Christmas birds nests there, and pine cones. Shipping is not a lot if you buy locally, and I am a firm believer that we need to support our farmers, the ultimate small business. Why buy blueberries and produce from Costco that comes from South America when you can buy local??? All of the Local Harvest suppliers are from the USA. I will stop my little rant there, but PLEASE be aware of what you are buying and where it comes from and how fresh it is.

I found a supplier for blown eggs in Central California, who had duck and goose eggs in various sizes; all of the eggs I bought cost $30; they were easily half the price of the Martha Stewart egg supplier. Here are all my eggs; aren't they pretty! When I unpacked them, Mom thought they were too too pretty and perfect and told me she wanted them plain, uncolored; but she changed her mind this morning when she saw the calla lillies at the Corona del Mar farmer's market from Hector; are these colors unreal???....

Still, the form of the plain eggs are fabulous....these are all goose and duck eggs...
The basket here is from Morocco; it is a sample, that I will reorder. Isn't the geometric great? I have a similar basket, made of a large disc shape, that I use to bring in cut greens from the garden.

Check in tomorrow for more pics; we got Baby Biscuit tonight. I saw dear Charlie Chan today. There is lots to tell.

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