Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Marketing

Today started out badly; I was missing shots. Jennifer Garner came by with Violet and new baby daughter and Jennifer's Mother, the little baby just delighted to be in her Mom's arms, happily saying "Maamaa!!" Fortunately, the little one was oblivious to the paparazzi who were on the sidewalk 10 feet away, taking photos with 8" or so lenses. Violet is always a little guarded; she knows the business. We all felt sorry for Jennifer and her kids; I wanted to get a photo of the guys taking photos, but by the time I got to my camera they were gone.

I missed a few shots of rolling carts, mostly immitations of the French ones, but I got a few others and will keep getting samples to show you.

It was cool and dreary today all day, not basket buying weather, so I marked a bunch of discontinued and samples down, and did fine. A pair of girls came by late morning with cooler packs on their backs full of free Red Bull; I admit, I have never even tried a Red Bull, but I chose the Sugar Free, which has 10 calories. Here are the girls with their packs on their backs, like the French "hottes" or gathering baskets: A moment after I had opened the Red Bull, the Ice cream Dude went for a quick break, and while I tended a sale for him, a swarm of ladies were in my sale baskets and knocked over the Red Bull, all over my awning stripe tablecloth...this is a violation on my part, I never leave open beverages on the front tables for this reason! Time for a cleaning!

On the way home I went to see a friend, who had a French "hotte" at her sale; this one is not terribly new, but has a great look; it's about 2ft tall and is $65. I have someone who wanted these a few months ago so I will email him; if he does not want it I will have this piece at the Olivenhain Grove sale end of this month:
In other news, a celeb came by and she is on the board of a well-known local environmental group. I told her I would donate to her for the big annual event, and she gave me notice today that she will take me up on it. Love her; she is so good. Also saw Ann the teacher from Crossroads School today, and did a recap on the school lecture a few weeks ago.
I got home to take care of the pups and make dinner for everyone; steaks and fresh garlic with mushrooms; Biscuit is now The Flying Biscuit as she went over the sill and out a window yesterday, with Honey watching in amazement; I think she thought it was a door; she went down through 5 ft of bushes, which broke her fall, and was 20 yards away by the time I got outside to get her; crazy puppy!! They bounce I guess, at this age, she was fine.
Enjoy the rest of the day....

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  1. Oh my heart is leaping! I did a post about two years ago about hottes. I shall have to try and locate it and send it to you.