Saturday, April 17, 2010

Biscuit in a Basket

Where does the week go? I blink, and it's Saturday morning again. I wish I had had more time to post this week, but I have been going non-stop. Of course I also have been taking care of the two dogs, one a baby. I will post more soon, but had to share here: a tisket a tasket a Biscuit in a Basket; here she is with my friend Meriam in a small yellow Cap Ferrat, which is quite a small basket:

Biscuit and Honey love baskets; when they are in the car or at home, they love to curl up in one of my baskets; smart dogs! Biscuit is just now starting to grow some wooly eyebrows, and her rough coat is starting to come in. She is a sweet, sensitive little girl, but when it comes to eating food or getting through a door, she is a real terrier.

The 40th Earth Day is this week, on the 22nd, but there is unfortunately little awareness here in Orange County. I mentioned it to several people today, but seems folks are more interested in the new Nordstrom store in Fashion Island. I have a crew at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival this weekend, as I did last year; it was lots of fun and awareness; I will wait to hear the report.

This morning I went to a garage sale; it was advertised as "French antiques, French Books, French Baskets" on and on. The seller, as it happens, has been to Greece once but has never been to France, but she is crazy about all things French. She has shopped for many years at one of the best French furniture shops in Orange County, Lyman Drake. Does this happen with any other country in the world? Does someone become passionate about England or Spain or Peru to this extent? It's fascinating, really. The "baskets" she had advertised where not market baskets, they were the oversized industrial ones, but she sold them yesterday pre-sale for $40, though she bought them for $250 many years ago. I have no idea what this lady was thinking, but I was sure unhappy to have missed those mind, I will pick some up elsewhere, maybe in France; I am going in June for Anne's wedding!! More tomorrow.

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