Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Saturday

This is a long and busy weekend, so several posts!! We were at Corona del Mar market today, and I had the booth tricked out in bunting:

We had flags everywhere in the booth, the big ones that are great on the lawn:
And the little ones, which are sized for kiddies going by in strollers in my basket of net bags:
At one point in the morning, we had a throng of little ones in front of the booth and their parents had their cameras ready; I want to promote patriotism, and was there was a lot of flag waving going on!
Even the Big People loved getting a flag; this lovely shopper bought a Bandol a few weeks ago; she and her husband are on their way to Beijing this week, and when she gets back I will have an awesome hat for her ;) they are a total class act, these two, I want to hear the report from Beijng....aren't they cute, holding hands?
Meanwhile, my first visitor of the day was Louis the Poodle, backlit by the morning sun:
he was in the holiday spirit; this is a cute pic of his gorgeous self:
And we even took a sample pic for the French Basketeer Poster Pet contest; this will run in June on Facebook; take a pic of you and your pet and your basket; she has a Green Cannes:
If you don't have a French Basketeer basket you can substitute any French-style basket or theme and still qualify for a prize;

Check SpellingThe contest has not started, but there's the early leader, in my opinion; check out Laura Ingalls Gunn's Decor to Adore post HERE and tell me if this is not the most original post.....will we have a category for blog posts??? Maybe! We will launch shortly...enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. Oh merci beaucoup Miss Andrea. We hoped to provide your devoted Facebook followers with inspiration and convey our adoratiion for your beautiful totes.