Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Sunday

I was in Rancho Santa Fe today, which as I mentioned is in a tony enclave in northern San Diego. I am going to post tomorrow on the produce I found, which was my objective for the day (besides selling well, of course!). I am hosting a dinner for 22+ next Friday for my nephew's high school graduation so I decided to create a menu around what was available today. More on the dinner tomorrow.

Today I will keep it short with a little photo tour; I brought Biscuit, who is a bit of the darling of the market; I dressed her for the day to set the tone; Good Dog Biscuit; she later did her sit-ups for Blueberries; she is an all-eater: carrots, blueberries and fava bean shells today.
I had the booth done up as yesterday with the bunting, and gave out a ton of flags, though the San Diego kiddies were much more reserved than Orange County; no meltdowns and no good photo ops. Raquel is our market manager, and a very stylish one at that! Orange stripe tank and an accessory Biscuit! She has her own JRT, Lucy, but Lucy doesn't come to work because she is a little more energetic;
Anne is Raquel's right hand, and she is a huge help to me and to the other vendors. This is her friend Kathy & husband; I had to get a pic of them and the blue Antibes they bought today; the basket was a perfect fit for them as a couple (they "live in jeans"). This is the small Antibes; it is a generous sized basket. He was the one to carry the it though, and he looked very natural in his blue stripe shirt and basket. Men all over Europe carry these market baskets, and I have a lot of men carry my baskets at the markets and for grocery store shopping; Hubby here is a great example here of a man who looks great, at ease and man-stylish with his basket. But then again, I follow the Sartorialist blog, and I love men's fashions. I will have to do a post on Men and Baskets one of these days....these two are adorable, they have been together since they were 14 years old....they look sharp against the bunting and awning stripe too, don't they?
Meanwhile, the Chic continue to shop at Rancho Santa Fe; they start off well, with a vibrant orange shirtdress and Vuitton Batignolles verticale, but then they carry...a plastic bag...this makes me cringe; imagine if she had a little Eze tote instead??? Plastic bag aside, she looked great; see me please for an upgrade at a reasonable price; Vuitton and Eze are my favorite pairing....
And this one, in a eyelet dress and low heels and metallic Chanel jumbo; but not really shopping or else just getting started; I didn't notice this guy checking her out til I uploaded the pics; hehe but she did look great!!
I make the "reasonable price" mention because the store in the shopping center (where we have the market), which is 15 feet from my booth, the closest store to my booth, just came out with a version of my Aix basket, unlined, for $132. She carries Madagascar baskets in a Madras-style with yellow leather handles for the same price. "Soul-less" someone told me today, and of course phenomenally overpriced. I have never ever ever ever seen this basic merchandise for that price. These aren't meant to be treasured items, they are everyday, utilitarian, durable and classic items that will last for years and years. Oh yes, and they also happen to be timeless-ly fashionable.

I am home now and getting ready for some partying tomorrow, but at 9am I will be in downtown LA to get some ribbon for Friday. Oohh, it all came together in one brainstorming session yesterday. I can't wait to show you how it will all come together!!

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  1. You certainly SHOULD do a entire post of men with their baskets. (She devilishly said.)