Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top Kill - Big Failure

I hate to use my blog for too much of a rant and I know we'd all prefer to talk about pretty things and fun stuff. This is unfortunately NOT pretty: pelican eggs stained with sludge in Louisiana; I can't help but focus on the very well-constructed nest of grasses:
I can't figure out why this darn thing is still spewing oil into the Gulf. What has been taking so long? Why can't they get the right crew in to stem the flow?

The full impact is not known, but it will be disastrous for that coastal environment. Look at these lovely brown pelicans-- nice and oily; the grass is oily, the water is oily...this grassland near Barataria Louisiana is their breeding ground; there are hundreds of little nests there now....TERRIBLE.... We have two drilling platforms off the coast up the way, near Huntington Beach. If anything like Deepwater Horizon ever happened here, there would be total outrage; I can't even imagine...our little coves in Laguna would be devastated...not to mention the fact that the rigs themselves are an eyesore and disrupt the beauty of our coastline. All for we can drive our cars and burn up some more energy...? Manmade problem, driven by man's consumption. Sorry for the rant; I hope and pray someone can fix this darn thing very soon.

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  1. The rant is definitely okay. This is something to rant about!