Monday, June 28, 2010

Airline Food

I'm still reading Jill Richardson's book (she was our speaker at Saturday's Slow Food BBQ) and I can't wait to post on all the wonderful information she shares; I wonder if she addresses airline food...?......because there is an article out today about how poor the standards are for the catering companies that make half a billion in-flight meals annually; check it out HERE. Jill was telling us about the school lunch programs nationwide, and this looks to be in the same category of nutrition, the broccoli is actually green, but it's surely overcooked. Could they make this food look any less-appetizing?

Me, I pack my own food for a trip. What do you bring on the plane with you for food, or do you eat before you go?


  1. I am totally with you on this......I usually spend the whole flight thinking how they could do the food better! Hope all is well. XO

  2. I generally eat before I go. The best airline food/flight I ever had was on Virgin. Love that Richard Branson.
    The strangest airline food I ever ate was sardine lasagna on the way to Sweden. :)

  3. I absolutely bring my own food. A basic pb&j is better than anything the airlines serve!