Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Madagascar v. Ghana

I don't like to talk about "the competition," but in the spirit of the World Cup, I am going to do so. Recently, a man camped out opposite my booth holding the closest competitor to my merchandise, the Bolga Basket made in Ghana. He's a Big Guy, but he looks off-kilter; looks like he's dragging a boulder behind, no?

But he's the perfect match for this (IMHO) unwieldy basket; it's brut, like he is. The fibers are elephant grass, and the leather handle is crudely stitched. He was in front of my booth for so long, I got more shots; this basket is so big and round, just try to sneak through a crowded French market with it. The handle is chunky, the basket is chunky, and in the larger sizes it looks awkward to carry, with your arm out to the side like his; I suppose it is structured to protect your food, and easy to get stuff in and out, but to me it's unwieldy; the color combinations vary, but they are not ones I use at all:
The exception is the child's bolga; it is adorable and usable. There is a man who sells oranges and Bolga baskets in Rancho Santa Fe; I discounted my prices a tad to be competitive though still a little more expensive, and I outsell him easily 9:1...hehe...I want marketshare; though our products are different animals.

For comparison, you have Kathy and Hubby looking very man-confident with their basket; it's carried naturally here, with his arm at his side and a little to the front:
and the lovely Laura aka Decor to Adore Blog with accessory Madagascar hat, tote and Biscuit with Honey; she is sleek and chic; be sure to vote for Laura's Oprah audition HERE:
A shopper in Corona del Mar:
And the ultimate Chic Shopper, from Palisades, carrying her tote casually in the crook of her arm:
I have new merch coming from Morocco that will knock your socks off; this satchel, lined with linen & with lambskin handles is big, but perfectly balanced on your shoulder; it will be in large and medium:and of course the elusive shopper in Palisades, with her structured Eze basket; she bought the XL size, which holds a ton but is classy slim-shaped for getting through a crowded market like Pali, it's is a perfect match for her. She would never carry a Bolga basket; she carries something more refined, on the crook of her arm:

And I continue to carry the colored Madagascar baskets, the same ones you will find all over France:And here is Brynne, with a stack of bags; see her at the Sawdust in Laguna this summer, I will post on her soon, she is a dear! She carries all of her handmade cards in my baskets;
Madacascar/Morocco v. Ghana in the basket realm, GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL Madagascar/Morocco!!! I know, if you are not a FIFA fan you won't care, but for the rest of the world, it's bigger than the Olympics. It's too bad of these three African nations only Ghana qualified for the World Cup, but at least Morocco and Madagascar have their teams; Madagascar may be the 13th poorest nation on the globe but they do have a national soccer team.


  1. Never before have I been sleek and chic. It's ok because Rudi humanized me yesterday when the photographer and reporter were here. (I'll email you~ it's too good.)
    I continue to adore the Eze and St. Remy totes but am eager to see the new line. Love the reversible hat.

  2. I so love your baskets and your post was so fun. Laura is amazing looking in your hat & what a talented lady she is. Definitely voted for her.

    If we make the move to Scotland, I should need a good shopping basket to take to market.One of your lovely bags would be just the ticket!

    Hope you have a lovely Wed. ~

  3. hi Andrea loved the photos; come see my new blog changes.

  4. like this post !!
    I pretty much enjoyed it :D

    -fashion photographer Nam.

  5. the deal is to stop using plastic bag, this big guy; as you said; is doing the right thing
    you should be happy to see somebody go green...
    i have a lot of different basket for shopping around, i can tell this one never flip over in the car...

  6. True, Anon! Of course I support anyone using a reusable bag of any kind; it was meant to be a funny post :)

  7. It is a funny post! I liked it very much.
    Laura wears that hat very well, sleek and chic for sure!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. I do have a few Bolga baskets for around the house; they are good for holding my fiber and yarn, or for laundry, and you can hang it on your arm if you hold it in front. But I find this unwieldy. No, the best is a slim rectangular or oval profile, long, perhaps a bit wide, but collapsable at the top, so it is natural to hold. I have one such, but it is quite small; I look forward to receiving my Basketeer baskets! :). How lovely those hats are! I am loving your blog, and so glad to have found it. :)