Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Supporting the Bag Ban

As I posted last week, this Friday the California State Assembly will vote on a bag of plastic carrier bags. This will apply to large grocery stores and food stores; pharmacies are exempt; the little plastic bags for produce are exempt (thought it would be better to use a cotton produce bag of course). The Bill had included a 25c fee on all paper bags, but I see no mention of that in this current version.

Several people have contacted me regarding how to let our representatives know they support the bag ban; you can go HERE to send a letter to your reps. There is a white "submit" button at the bottom.

I'm hoping and praying that it passes...of course you'll have a year to plan how to get by without your plastic bags, and then another 6 months after that before we really are plastic-free!

Yes, I know, my little Angel is from Christmas, but I thought she looked prayer-ful....you'll see her in Romantic Homes Christmas/Holiday issue 2010....


  1. Fingers crossed, ever hopeful and sending up a prayer. :)

  2. I do hope this bill passes in the US, we already have it here in Canada.
    We have some catching up to do, will be in touch. XO