Friday, June 4, 2010

Oil vs. Tech

So the news is today that the largest volume of blog posts concern 1) Facebook privacy issues and 2) a British scientist who implanted a computer chip in his hand "to open security doors" and the like, then deliberately gave the chip a virus, to show the flaws of the technology.

Evidently, things like the oil spill don't rank as high, and I continue to be outraged that there seems to be no sense of urgency to get this thing fixed; new images out today, in case you missed them...a pelican:
Another pelican, which can't fly when coated in oil...
And this last one is the worst, identified as "a bird" and on another site as a seagull:

What in heaven's name are we doing?? 45 days!! This whole thing makes me want to cry; I feel so helpless, especially for the one thing that needs to be done first, plug the damn hole.
These birds will die from the oil; they can't fly or function coated in oil, or they will ingest the toxic oil as they try to clean themselves, which of course they can't do with so much oil in the Gulf.
We clean sea birds at a center in Laguna Canyon, and it is quite a process to clean the feathers and flush the toxins out of even one bird, then nurse it back to health. There isn't enough manpower and skill to clean the entire bird population in the Gulf; so so tragic; I keep monitoring the situation and hoping a solution will be found....


  1. I believe that our society as a whole is becoming more and more narcissistic. Do we really need to "tweet" that we are in the bathroom or going to the grocery store to anyone other than our immediate families?
    The bottom line is that people don't care about anything but themselves.
    But they should in that water is our life blood. All of our waterways through currents are connected. It might be months, but that oil will travel. Our earth is a series of domino's. Topple one and the rest will go. It will take YEARS to recover and it frusterates me to no end that this issue is not a priority. Sorry to turn my comment into a sudo soapbox. But I get what you are saying and share your view.

    I do hope you had a wonderful family gathering where beautiful memories were made.

    I sent a package off to you yesterday. Let me know when it arrives.

  2. Right. We have been messed up in priorities for years. It is all self-centered entertainment now and no thought for the future or consequences.