Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fresh & Pitted

I am laying in jars of red fruits since we are in peak cherry season: cherries, berries & rhubarb. Is there anything better, any time of year? This weekend we'll have them fresh:

I bake them slightly, add a little lemon juice, and jar the fruits and syrup til the fall and winter, when they come up in cake fillings and over ice cream. I use a cherry pitter from our local French grocery store, stamped "Italy." It costs $2 in France and could also be used for olives, I am sure:
I went to Sur La Table today, to see what they had for cherry pitters, and found this book at the front door: glad to see they are promoting local, though I don't know how much this has caught on with the Sur La Table crowd;
They had two cherry pitters; one that resembled an egg crate; slot in 6 cherries and press the top, and it pits for you. The other was a take on the traditional, though it looks pretty souped up, with this plastic hood and all; it costs $13:
I don't know about all this "stuff" they have at these stores though. Look what they have at the register, a point-of-sale enticement:

Honestly, who really needs a smiley-face spatula? I like the old stuff, including a lot of my Grandmother's things like her sifter; I embrace things like silicone no-melt spatulas, but I'll skip the smiley face ones. My sister swears by all this Sur La Table stuff, like a contraption to core and peel an apple. Fine for her, but it's so not me. We're gearing up for the weekend now...


  1. Hi. I found your blog and store recently and am obsessing about your baskets! They are so charming and I'm currently trying to choose which one I want, but it's so hard because I want a lot of them. :)

  2. Nothing better. Ok, it's better if its homemade vanilla ice cream.

    My frantic week is almost over.

  3. haha...I was actually considering one of the smiley face ones to use when my petite granddaughter is here. (But I didn't get it.)Happy 4th of July! xo Lidy