Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Orange

One of the blogs I follow is the Sartorialist, see link HERE; it gives you a look at people around the world through a fashion photographer's eye. I am not in the industry but I try to pay attention to trends for colors. For me though, it's never far from the classics, I want your baskets to be good for years, not trendy.

This gent was up this week; there were 90+ comments on the post, mostly debating whether he should be wearing runners (why not espadrilles or loafers?) with a nice jacket, but no one disputed that Orange is Hot; it's definitely a fresh pop of color for summer. Most people don't think of orange, but it is one of my best sellers; the Italians especially love it in winter, but it's nice here to see an Italian in Orange in Summer:
Think sunsets.... here over Catalina Island:
which translated into the Antibes ombre style; these are two best sellers for summer:
And here in Corona del Mar last year; an Orange Gardenia tote:
And my summer lineup of shades; the mango reorder is due to arrive shortly:
Small Cassis with handles wrapped, with gardenia extra; against some fresh chard and matching flip flops:
Even the kitties love the orange;
See you this weekend at Corona del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Pacific Palisades; we have lots of great colors in stock for summer; and lots of orange!

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  1. I adore orange. I can't wear it with my complexion, the closest I can come is a soft peach. In decor it does appear in my home in the fall. It's such a happy color.