Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Ride

Several years ago, I traded in my BMW for a Prius, and I couldn't be happier with my little car! Sure, it's not exactly peppy, but it does have carpool stickers that help me get around faster, and it gets on average 43 miles per gallon, so I don't have to feel guilty about consuming too much gas. I live in Southern California, so of course I had to get personalized plates!
I used my brother in law's van for the first year and a half of French Basketeer, but then I downsized to the Prius. During the week I used to keep all the gear in the car. Step into my car, please, but caution, it smells like this:

Yeah, that's right. It was like a rolling hay wagon. Everyone said the car smelled like a barn, minus the animals. Some people think that smells GREAT; others are not to sure. Now I take everything out on Sunday afternoon and repack on Friday night. The car is clean during the week, and it weighs less when empty so I use less gas. I've gotten really good at packing up the car; when it is full it looks like this:
Unloaded at the market, there are baskets, tables, a rug, a 10x10' popup tent, yards of burlap and muslin, a basket of produce bags, a chair, signs and the black & white awning stripe for the backdrop.
When it all gets fluffed out, it looks like this. Not too bad? I added in the bunting and flags this week too; oh, and Biscuit sits on my lap because there is no room anywhere else!
Have a wonderful day :) If you join me in supporting the California proposal to ban plastic bags, you can send a letter to your representative HERE.


  1. I can't vote but you know I am with you on this. If I was closer I would happily help you pack up that Pirius and go along for the ride Andrea. I just love the idea of these markets each weekend. Have a good one this weekend. XO

  2. When will you be in the Palisades again?? My husband promised a tote from you for Mother's Day!!! I am anxious to pick one out!!


  3. WOW! Its like the clowns all piled into a tiny car. Amazing you fit all of that in your pirius! Everything looks fabulous all set up!