Monday, October 18, 2010

Bardot for President

There is just all kinds of news coming out of France lately. Today, Brigitte Bardot announced she is considering a run for President in the 2012 election, under the green Party (Independent Ecology Alliance). BB, as she is known in France, retired from film in 1973 to become an animal rights activist; what an incredible woman, look at her here~

She looks a little different than she used to. BB today~

Yeah. But she is 76 years old. Girls, see what all that sun can do to your skin? People seem to react to the news in the same way as Sarko~
Just not totally's all still so very French, isn't it? She is somewhat polarizing in France, beloved by many no matter what she looks like or says, other people think she is too "out there" ("will she let the animals vote?").

But one thing for sure, BB lives her life in a totally authentic way. She is and will always be an incredible French icon...Forever BB...


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  2. I goofed. My comment was Now THAT would be an amazing race!!!!!!!! Only in France!!!!!!Maryanne;)

  3. What fun this election this would be!

    The beautiful thing about French women is that they allow themselves to age gracefully. I am happy to see her life experiences on view versus eliminating it via botox and surgery.

  4. I am piling on the sunscreen an it is October. Did you get my email reply? XO

  5. There is no one quite like Brigitte Bardot. Like most European women in general, she has pride in herself. This is more than I can say for a lot of stars nowadays who have Botox and nips and tucks and on and on. Back then it was chic to sun oneself on the Riviera for hours at a time. And, she lives and loves life!

    Good for her. I'd vote for BB!

  6. I love BB. She is beautiful inside and out, even now.
    I think it's too early to know if she will accept.


  7. She actually looks a little better here than last time I saw her picture...she does live her life on her own terms, this lady!


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  9. I decided to say good for her for putting herself out there and why not? BB is an icon forever!

    Art by Karena

  10. As a beautiful woman and actress she is OK ; but as a president I do not know-??
    As for her wrinkled skin, actually she has the skin of any 76 years old enjoying the Mediterranean. Believe me I lived there, and I have seen many women with her type of wrinkled skin. Actually she looks marvelous for a 76 years old woman. She looks REAL-!! I love her hair...!

    I love your blog, and more so I love BB's topic.
    Lovely post.
    Thank you for having me.
    -SSamya :-)

  11. I think it's unanimous that we are pleased to know BB didn't cave to the pressures of looking perfect, & so ultimately fake. Have you seen Linda Evans lately?

    Truly would be a race to watch. Andrea hope you are having a lovely week?

    xx Deb

  12. ~*~*I think its great!! Good for BB!! She was such a beauty~*Atleast she isnt all tight faced and is natural now~*~* :)Rachel

  13. I've been watching this mess. Maybe Bardot was the first political celeb. We have to think back through that. I'd like to have 15 Andy Warhol minutes of fame to know what it felt like to be Bardot. Beauty is a gift, but as we say in the South, pretty is as pretty does. I think she's gone on to do great things, and I think she is still stunning. I say this with the motto: "Often wrong, never in doubt." My dilettante take, is that she has been good. Thanks for visiting.

  14. Hmmmm BB for President... interesting!

  15. Is there anything new?