Sunday, October 17, 2010


A soft rain the last few days has brought new life to the garden~

the tiniest of funghi popping up in odd places~

I save every drop, as much as the rain barrels will hold~

and in any other vessels in the garden~

it doesn't take much, just a little rain,
and things pop up that would never do so with hose-water~

the plants know this is the right stuff,

the fine rain has collected in odd places

and the plants hold on to every single drop~

the fuzzy succulents~
the lime tree is starting more fruit~

the wonder of a fine spider web
how can it hold so many drops?~

the garden will start to become alive,
now that summer is over.
Drink up, plants!


  1. I felt like Alice in a lovely wonderland. That rose is so lovely.

  2. Andrea,

    All of those tiny raindrops are so sweet...nature is amazing!

    Art by Karena