Sunday, October 17, 2010

Case of the Missing Vuitton

He doesn't look like a Vuitton-toting guy to me, what do you think?~
He runs a motorcycle parts business in Orange County, hence all the tats I guess. His bag of choice is the Louis Vuitton monogram roller, I forget the name of the style; Pegase?~

Meet Per Lindby. He boarded a flight in Orange County recently with checked bags of a Vuitton roller and duffel, and mysteriously, the luggage never arrived. Hmmm.
He bought more Vuitton, and got on another flight a few weeks later. Again, poof, no luggage when he arrived. About $13,000 in Vuitton luggage & shoes have disappeared. The airline (Delta, both times) says they will give him $3,000 and don't expect it to turn up.
I have a pair of 1950's hard-sided cases. I bought them in NYC with the idea of taking a romantic weekend getaway by car with my sweetie. They have French labels inside from the Vuitton store in Nice and the old French rail tags on the outside; the tag says "home delivery" and "paid." I guess they trusted the baggage handling at that time~
another sticker is from Cunard; these went on tour by rail and boat in the '50's. I would never ever ever check them. Lest you think I am a high roller, I will divulge that I paid $350 for them, but that was 20 years ago.
I have two pieces of soft-sided Vuitton luggage I have used as carry-on on just about every business trip for years. The size and the design for pockets and compartments and suits is perfect and like no other luggage. Sometimes, as I got on a plane the stewardesses tried to say the baggage racks were full and I'd have to check them.
Stuff it, I politely yet firmly told them. Check a Vuitton? Never!! Btw I also have all of my Vuitton monogrammed with my initials, to prevent my three sisters from borrowing them. That works GREAT. Vuitton will do it for you.

Have you ever had anything disappear from your suitcase on a flight? We had R's Ralph Lauren alligator belt evaporate once on a return from Geneva through JFK. My stewardess friends tell me, don't ever pack anything of value in your checked luggage. Let alone carry an expensive case, I suppose. Nowadays, we all check crappy-looking luggage, including Per. His last flight, he brought a $30 Walmart suitcase. Guess what, it arrived just fine....

first two photos, Orange County Register. You can read the whole story at


  1. Do you actually say "stuff it" Andrea-lol! Good luggage is not for sitting in the bottom of an airplane. Reminds me of my fois gros that went missing. Serves me right. XO

  2. That is just wrong that the LV never arrived both times. I feel bad for him. I doubt I would ever check a LV suitcase if i had one, especially after reading this.

  3. A romantic getaway is just right for this luggage. He learned an expensive lesson, what a story!

  4. There are certain things I will not check. A LV would be one of those! In the past I have had things stolen out of my checked luggage. This poor guy needs to stick with his Walmart bag.
    xoxo, Sherry

  5. I lost my luggage only once! It was not a Vitton. And I got it back the next day. I think I'd rather but jewerly or a great chair!

    Funny story!

  6. LOUIS has been very much part of my thoughts these past week since hubby is in Paris...did you know that there is a worldwide shortage on all leather goods from LV and no more then ONE Item is allowed per person per two weeks....I had to choose between a bag and a wallet...ugh..luckily the agenda organizer does not count as a restricted item.. ao at least that is available too!
    I would much rather go for the oldies like you amazing!!!nice blog! greetings Colette

  7. Colette~ they have a factory for LV in the Simi Valley area north of LA; it's crazy there is such demand here for something made in Simi Valley! Hate to be a snob, but I'd only buy in in France. I bought my two new pieces in Paris when the USD was at it's all time high. I couldn't afford it now! Yikes it has gotten so expensive!

  8. Andrea,

    I always travel light and only use a carry on. I learned that from my all too many business trips.
    I would never part with my Louis! Anything I purchase, I have shipped home. What an expensive lesson Per Lindby learned. Love your vintage hard cases.


  9. I find this so shameful. Given the high security at airlines today and that only a few people touch the bags it should be easy to review the security tapes and fire the offending individual.
    That man, tats or not, I am sure worked hard for his luggage.
    You are smart to NEVER check your luggage.

  10. Andrea, that is a story indeed! I feel so badly for the guy, he obviously has great taste in luggage!! (As you do!)

    Art by Karena

  11. So awful that you cant trust people with your luggage!that is just wrong. I hope they end up catching people who steal those!! ;)