Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fuji & Le Tour

Mount Fuji is sort of like the Eiffel Tower, each a symbol of their respective countries. There are hundreds of images and wood-block prints of this mountain, held in reverence by the Japanese. People are fascinated by the mountain just as they are the Tour Eiffel; on a clear day, you can see it from Tokyo~
I was reading today about three hikers who had been plucked by helicopter from the summit of Mount Whitney; at 14,505 feet it is the highest peak in the lower 48. Its formation and lines are rugged and impressive, but not reminiscent of or as captivating as the Eiffel Tower or Fuji; here the East Face of Whitney~
Mount Fuji has an elevation of 12,388 feet, making it the highest mountain in Japan~
Why are we fascinated by
this structure and this mountain~

is it the altitude?

the sense of permanence?
the graceful lines?

the fragility of their strength?

When you see them in person,
you can't take your eyes away...

they are beauty & simplicity & perfection~

No wonder their images
are reproduced so widely.

I climbed to the summit of Mount Fuji in 1987. The Japanese say, "everyone should climb Mount Fuji once, but only a fool will climb it twice." Arriving at the Shinto shrine at the top of the mountain, in the middle of howling wind and clouds, wearing shorts and sneakers and a flimsy rain poncho, I felt like I was arriving at the Gates of Heaven. It was indeed a surreal moment. Next time I will spend the night in the huts and hike to the summit for sunrise~
As with Fuji, perhaps everyone should go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, just once. I went with Jean-Francois, under duress. Never again!


  1. Great quote.

    What attracts us? The Beauty. The Spiritual.

  2. So what you're saying is that you plan on climbing Mt. Fuji a second time? :)

  3. haha I'd better change that text to IF I climb it again...the first climb was pretty crazy and I missed the sunrise!

  4. Wow that would be an accomplishment Andrea!! beautiful images!

    Art by Karena