Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rain & Boots

We've had yet more rain overnight and this morning. Very unusual for October. If the rain continues at this pace, perhaps this winter I will have to get a pair of these~
If I were in Burgundy I would have a better selection~

and you see them creatively hung all over the region~

file these perhaps under functional, not quite fashionable enough for SoCal~
Meanwhile, we are waiting two more days for the winner of Karena's fantastic giveaway...who will win? Have you entered? And through Metis we are getting ready to do a November giveaway with a a lovely French blogger; here is just a little preview pic of what I have assembled; check back next week for a romantic giveaway announcement~
Drats, the sun is coming out, and that means I will not get a rain day off from the market; maybe I don't need those boots just yet....bon week-end a tous~


  1. Take your boots with you! The clouds have moved in again from the north and they are still predicting 60% chance - which around here is as good as done! Can you believe how green everything is turning? And it's fall? Usually we don't get this until March!

  2. There is something so cozy about a rainy day! Great boots.
    I just wanted to you know that I used my gorgeous basket for the first time yesterday... I took a meal to a sick friend in it. It handles so well and is just lovely. I am certainly a basket person!
    xo Yvonne

  3. I love rain boots too, they come in handy here in the Midwest.
    Have a wonderful weekend!