Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

On Halloween, I usually stand down at the street and hand out orange reusable bags; it's a great way for cars to see the kids and I think it's better than giving out candy. This year I have slacked, not even doing pumpkins.

We are stocked for Halloween though. Meet Joe Bones~
Joe used to ride home with my Dad from the office every Halloween, and Dad laughed when people did a double-take with a skeleton riding shotgun in a convertible. Every year I want to do a shoot with Joe; Joe in the kitchen wearing a toque; Joe entertains at the piano. Joe goes to the beach....
With the hot weather today, and Joe's weight & bulk, all I could do was take him outside and pose him soaking up a few rays; the Vitamin D will be good for him. I asked Laura if she will help me do something fun next year with Joe; she's a clever one and we can think of some fun shots; hope this give you a laugh; nice profile, Joe~
Tomorrow night I will go to my friend & neighbor Yvette's house; her invite for a casual get-together arrived looking like this~
inside was a rolled invitation, tied with a bow, black of course~
the invitation was sooo Yvette; she is supremely talented~

her home is a French-style Farmhouse; it is all dressed up for the night~
each year Yvette and her husband Steve place a pair of big Mac pumpkins on their pillars; Steve will carve them~
the overall look is fantastic; I love love love it!!!
up on top of the chimney is the wicked witch; no foolin' would swear it is....she is lit up at night; very spooky~
this year inside the gates they did a cemetery, and the usually pristine yard is covered this month with leaves and branches~
Spooky & safe All Hallows Eve to everyone!


  1. Wow, the witch on the chimney is a scary one! Have fun tomorrow night!

  2. I love Joe Bones...What a cute fella he is! All he needs now is a pair of sunglasses and a newspaper. Yvettes's Halloween decorations are fabulous. I love the invitation and the witch on the chimney is great. Happy Halloween.
    xoxo, Sherry

  3. I would love to see Joe riding down the street, so funny!
    Your friend is talented indeed, the invite and her home is fabulous! Have fun!!

  4. Andrea, too much! I love the chimney witch and the Bones, the graveyard all so fun!!

    I will announce the winner of our Metis Linens Giveaway in the morning!

    Art by Karena

  5. In my best Rosemary Clooney voice I am singing "Mr. Bones? Mr. Bones? How do you feel Mr. Bones?"

    What a spooktacular yard!

  6. That was one scary witch...glad H'ween is over!!

    Fun post!!

    thanks for visiting and meeting my petit chien!



  7. Mr. Bones looks like many men my age! What a hilarious story, I could really picture your father driving around with his skeletal friend in his convertible.

    Yvette is one talented woman indeed just by the Halloween invite alone. Must of been a night to remember & my kind of fun.

    Hope you are doing well Andrea? Can you believe Christmas is lapping @ our heels?
    xx Deb

  8. I keep telling myself we will one day have a grand Halloween party with a haunted hayride and the whole bit. This post really inspired me to start my list. What a fabulous party ....and the reminder finer...oh my!