Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Romantic Homes Christmas

It's out...
Romantic Homes Holiday 2010 issue...

I'm thrilled to be a part of it.
Merci mille fois
to Jacqueline & her Editors
& Photographer Mark Tanner.

My favorite shot~
the big & bold boxwood wreath
I squealed when I opened to this page~

I wanted something unusual for the front door...
and not finding anything suitable
not to mention in budget
I made it myself.

The ribbons done in the style Ruban Croise
Reed & Ribbon to the Anglophiles~

The cart was piled high with vintage toys
I gathered from around the house
including my favorite brunette dollie
given to me by my Grandma....

the presents strewn around
as if Pere Noel has just left....

Jacqueline de Montravel
is the Editor of Romantic Homes;
she is amazing~

the greens around the doors
had the sweet tiny nests
& blown quail eggs;
my family so loved the setting~

on into the living room...
fresh cedar & pine drapes the stairs
as it does each year~

opposite the front door, more cedar,
as there has been every Christmas for decades~

in the center of the room, an enormous basket
filled with fresh flowers from the market
and more fragrant pine from the garden
tied up with a chubby burlap bow~

the highlight of the room is the tree~
the angel topper is wax, from post-war Nuremberg;
this is a special family item;
we gather here around the fire
to celebrate together
& open some presents
all 22 or more of us
in total Christmas madness!

First thing I set out each Christmas
are the three rosaries~
Grandmother, Grandfather,
so they can be here in spirit with us;

also on the coffee table...
tons of homemade cookies
chocolates & clementines
coffee, tea & hot chocolate services
French cognac
and a gingerbread house~

on to the dining room...
scented candles from the farmers market
wrapped in fresh Eucalpytus leaves & ribbon
made the faces glow~

vintage French, English, German
& Italian postcards
on the table and each place setting
were the subject of much discussion;

the 1920's leaded glass alcove
gets decked out with ferns, citrus,
boxwood & orchids from the patio
and seasonal amaryllis & pink pointsettias~

I made 45 sachets for the table favors...
French lavender & homemade potpourri
with vintage French religious medals attached~

my family LOVED it all
from the oldest to the youngest
there was something for everyone~

loving red for the dining room...
red tapers in Mom's silver sticks;
lovely red tulips;
Red shades, just like Bergdorf's
are carefully stored each year;
the silver kugels rotate around the house for holiday~

this was also the cover image~

Enough said.

the silver leaf mirror
that Mom & I bought together long ago
is dressed in juniper, rosemary
& other garden greens
& reflects the room

and my treasured Barbizon painting~
in the kitchen, arriving guests
can have something cool....
champagne or a raspberry-infused cosmo;

or hot spiced wine (vin chaud)
and we can pretend we are in Val d'Isere~

gleaming silver & copper & crystal
is out for service~

the sweet little French biscuit putti
hang from the chandelier~

Santa's gloves and glasses were also there,
for the little kids
in from Minnesota;
Grampy convinced them Santa had just left.
Hope you enjoyed our little Christmas home;

this year we will do it all over again
but slightly different...

What fun! I can't wait!

This issue is on some newstands now, as well as in the hands of subscribers and Romantic Homes Stores & Dealers.


  1. I can't wait to buy this issue! I can say, I know Andrea! Well as a blogger anyway. Congratulations.

  2. What a breathtaking and romantic post! Congratulations! your home looked heavenly and I am so eager to purchase the issue! Bravo for your sense of style and decoration!


  3. Andrea,
    Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you!
    I will be looking forward to having a cup of hot cocoa and looking at every little detail in the photographs!
    Your'e a talented Gal and I'm delighted we get to peek at your home..
    xo, Gail

  4. I have been telling EVERYONE I know to go buy it. I am aiming for the largest selling cover ever! :) It is glorious. I have already packed the bubbly to celebrate your achievement. Well done!

  5. Andrea, congratulations to you!! I can't wait to buy this issue!! How absolutely wonderful!!

  6. Andrea, your home is Amazing!! Of course it made the cover. Every detail is beautiful with special touches everywhere you look. I will be picking it up when it comes out...you're famous!:)


  7. I was able to find the issue at my local Barnes & Noble last Saturday, so perhaps it was available at newstands Oct. 1.

  8. Andrea, how beuatiful. I love to take in every detail! Congratualtions!!

    Art by Karena

  9. This is amazing! I am running out right after school tomorrow to grab an issue and celebrate a sweet friend.


  10. Did you get my email about enlarging your photos? These NEED to be big! :)


  11. thrilled to find your website via Bees and Fleur de lys. I am guest posting over at http://quimperclubinternational.blogspot.com/ and would love to feature you.

  12. Andrea, I went to Target yesterday and guess what was there....THE MAGAZINE!!! I bought it right away (and also Victoria, a special edition). I love the photos just gorgeous! Good job!!!

  13. Congratulations, the photos look just great. I love the color combinations. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers. These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life.

  14. Many, many congratulations. So much love and attention to detail permeates every photo. Well done!

  15. ~*~*That is amazing!! I have that issue and loved your beautiful home!!! You have such an amazing eye and talent~*Hugs~ Rachel *Im your newest follower*

  16. Bonjour Andrea,
    This is wonderful, every detail is perfect. Now I have to find a copy in Paris. COngratulations on being featured.
    Bon semaine,

  17. Hi Andrea, Many congrats!! I just bought the issue today and your home is fabulous. Gorgeous!
    Hugs, Sherry

  18. Thank you sharing the beautiful holiday ideas. I must find this issue to hold onto; it's a keeper for years to come! I always like to reference back issues of favorite magazines!!!
    Merry Christmas! Carolyn