Monday, August 13, 2012

Slow & Steady

The process of getting ready for a party at our house involves a lot of lists and plenty of little to-do’s.  Things that we don’t do on a regular basis that we probably should: cleaning chandeliers, replanting flowers, brooming off cobwebs outside on the patio.  The gates are still not back and those are a high priority for the week.

There are other things that also needed to be done ahead of time; the vodka is set up and hidden away now so that no one will be tempted by the pineapple, kumquat and passion fruit flavors.  These will be frozen and on ice at the bar, probably in the same French & Mason jars here~


Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen windows and chandelier, while Mom and I debriefed on the day.  While I did that, she cleaned the glass hurricanes that will go on the table.  And I polished the silver~


Various sterling and hotel silver pieces will be on the table.  I use these so much I never polish them, but once a year, such as now, they all get a once-over~


Little by little it all gets done, so that the end of this week will not be too stressful for cleanup.  Well, I still have to give the house and floors a once over, later this week.  But Friday I will run a few last minute errands like getting the burrata and pasta, and Friday I will be baking all the desserts. So there is still much to be done.


Yesterday I continued my food shopping, which also gets done little by little.  I picked up the chickens, which will be roasted, and the prime rib.  Also all the tomatoes I will need, from Chris at Valdivia of course.  He was really happy with the passion fruit vodka I brought, I suppose my timing was good as it was the day I needed a lot of tomatoes.  I’m using beefsteaks with the burrata and Chris suggested these green zebra heirlooms for the salad.  The green beans are also from Valdivia and they will go into the salad. 


I’m also going through the menu and the meal in my head trying to figure out who can help me with what and how to get it all on the table in a timely manner.  Answer: delegate.  Laura & Sweet Boy will be in charge of finishing the napkins and picking corn from the garden to go in the salad.  Raquel will be in charge of the pasta.  Friday I will prep most of the lettuce and tomatoes in between making the desserts.  Little by little, it all will get done and the party and preparations are also serving as a nice distraction from all the things I have to do for Dad this week.  A follow-up appointment, three in house physical therapy sessions and just the general care and meal preparation.  All that, too, will get done! 


  1. Dear Andrea I love seeing all of your delightful preparations. The Infused Vodkas look and sound so refreshing!

    I received your message yesterday; ( I was with my parents)you cannot imagine how much it means to me....I will call you as soon as the package arrives!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series featuring Harrison Howard

  2. Andrea, Good news to hear your DAD is home, Ii is nice to be able to look after him at home. I hope he gets stronger each day and most importantly he knows that you and your mom are taking care of him with LOVE!
    Have a wonderful gathering, It sounds oh so delicious

  3. Wonderful parties happen when the hostess is prepared. Doing this now will ensure the enjoyment of everyone, including you!! Have fun and enjoy the process. Still keeping good thoughts for your parents, the fast healing of your father,and the energy you need to complete all of your tasks!!

  4. That jar of vodka-infused kumquats is so festive looking!!! Have you ever tried pomegranate seeds in vodka?

    Good to read that your dad did so well.

  5. I can just imagine the excitement of all the preparations going on, LOVE your cutlery and how I wish
    I could be there. Wishing you loads of fun AND strenth! Colette x

  6. How do you make the flavored vodka's...just add the fruit? The story of your party would make a lovely book.

    I need to clean the windows...ugh!

  7. I am pretty much dying over your silverware right now!!! So excited!

  8. Beautiful planning, and beautiful photos. Since I read a later post first and am working my way backwards in time, I know that the 'best laid plans of mice and men...' But aren't you thankful for everything you got done ahead of time? You were in good shape when everything went wonky.
    I'm dying to hear the outcome of the party...