Friday, August 31, 2012

What’s Your Secret?

It’s funny to me that I am now in my 40’s and people who are much younger than me call me "kiddo.”  Really?  Good genes,perhaps, good food, and staying out of the sun?  I promise you my three sisters are not ever called Kiddo, ever.  When my Mom fell two weeks ago, I immediately got her on a regimen of natural remedies to relieve the bruising and heal her wounds quickly.  What do you turn to when you need to heal?  Top for me is Ashitaba, great to eat as a fresh leaf or HERE in extract form from Linda; read her story if you can. It’s a Gigantic Dose of Vitamin B’s. I discovered Ashitaba from a friend in San Diego who cured her breast cancer with it; it’s a mood elevator for me and simply fantastic~


For bruising, there is nothing better than Arnica cream, from any health store, once or twice daily; this made Mom’s facial bruising go away fast, and so made her feel back to normal.  I also give Mom a daily set of fish oil and vitamins from Dr. Perricone.  Expensive, but from time to time they are worth it~


Most importantly, I give my Mom a native American root called Bear Root aka Osha root, thank you to John & Marge for showing me how to use this.  The whole root is at right here; this is the best way to buy it.  If not, at left, you see it slightly mashed up, you can buy at Mastoska Trading.  I do not totally understand this root. It is anti-bacterial, and I swear a super cellular regenerator.  Chew a pinch of the root and apply the poultice overnight to a wound and in 3-4 days a moderate wound is back to normal.  This has been a wonder for my Mom over multiple injuries.  The scrapes on her nose went away completely after three days when I taped the root poultice to her nose~ 


On an ongoing basis, get the root into your system anyway you can.  Eat it plain, or make a tea with purified water~


thought you’d like a pic of the tea in Guy’s copper spoon Smile~


the finished tea looks like this; Mom now drinks a litre of this a day; I also drink it, as do my dogs, they love it instead of their water and it keeps any fleas at bay in the hot weather; I rinse them in it after a bath~


There are other roots which are great; here the Bear root and bitter root; find a good source and ask re your symptoms.  It’s easier in France as every pharmacie is homeopathic, but you probably can’t find bear root there~


Wash it down with a nice bottle of French water if you can, Badoit is my fave!~ find it here at Cost Plus World Market~


Nothing is better for the body than fresh organic.  Try to eat well if you can….


I am overwhelmed with the parents and back to work I hope soon.


Please try to eat well….


Several packages going out tomorrow.


Eat well and SO many thanks for all your good wishes~



  1. Hi Andrea I am so happy these remedies have helped your Mother. The Ashitaba and Osha Root are especially interesting to me. I will see if Whole Foods has either one.

    The family had a wonderful surprise birthday dinner for me. It was so wonderful! I told them I wished you could be here with us.

    Art by Karena

    1. a sachet of the root is in your package, with the rose petals!

  2. I am currently into Coconut oil for cooking and moisturizing. I use pure Argan oil for moisturizing as well. It's so much cheaper in the health food stores...9.00 vs 30.00 in the cosmetic world!

    I am always interested the healing properties of spices, and LOVING fruit infused water. (I'll try infusing the French water that you suggested.)

    Our local farmers' markets have some wonderful, healthy,aromatic teas. I love the blends for the immune system and the ones that aid rest at night.

    I must read more about Ashitaba. I'm a BC survivor. (Caught Chemo. Only radiation.)

    So pleased to hear that your folks are healing.
    You always inspire me.

  3. Hello Andrea, thank you for sharing with us this wonderful information - there's so many wonderful natural cures and remedies we should be using more often - I'll be looking for these-there is a wonderful homeopathic store an hour away - reachable!
    I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  4. I am always so happy I come to visit here... you always inspire me too. Off to research ashitaba... need a huge dose
    of that!!

  5. So true!
    What we eat has such an effect on both appearance and well-being.
    Wonderful post!

  6. Hi Andrea, loved this, as always very informative...I shall look into Ashitaba...very interesting. I have several health issues and see a naturopath regularly. I attribute my improved health to him. I agree, nothing replaces good, wholesome organic food choices.
    Stay well, and happy to here your Mom is on the mend...N.xo

  7. Great post with gorgeous photos as usual. So sorry to hear about your moms accident Andrea. She is lucky to have such a caring daughter.
    Take care.

  8. hi andrea. i have been enjoying your blog but this is the first time i have left a comment. i am glad you can be there for your parents and that they are healing. i enjoy your photos of food, dishes, life, etc. i have a question-do you sell any of the yellow bags/baskets like the one on your blog header? i love the size and the color. i was not able to figure out if you had an online store...sorry. have a good labor day holiday.

    1. hi Jessica, I think my online store is down; I have to call tomorrow, sorry I am so busy, I am so preoccupied with the parents. The basket on the header is out of stock; I will have it again in early spring. I do still have it in yellow but the mango is sooo nice. pls send me an email andrea at all best, A

  9. Hi Andrea what an interesting post about these herbs and remedies. I am quite interested in what you are saying here, I know that your energy is legendary!! I will order the Bear Root from the trading company you mentioned

    Glad your parents are mending; they are very lucky to have you indeed!



    1. i'm going this week; i will send you a sachet with something nice.....