Monday, August 20, 2012


One of the highlights of the Farm to Table was the Burrata.  On a pretty plate if you please….


I have seen burrata online for as much as $24 for a one pound tub, but you can get this same brand for $11 at Bristol Farms or other specialty grocers.  I went to LA factory, mostly because I was guaranteed it was made that morning, but also because it was cheaper, at $6 for a one pound tub~


Depending on thickness, you get 6-8 slices per tub.  This is from the Gioia (say “joy-uh") factory in LA, where they make 2,000 pounds of this daily…they supply many restaurants and markets.  If you have a dinner for six, go to Bristol Farms for this same brand, but for 40 people I went to the source~


Burrata is a fresh mozzaralla filled with cream (panna) and more mozzaralla curd.  The texture is soft and creamy, the cream wrapped in fresh mozzarella curd.  If you get a chance to see mozzarella made (and then taste it, of course!), be sure to go….the curds look like this before they are put in hot water~


Left a few minutes~


strained and worked by hand~


and formed into a ball~


these pics are from a demo at the RSF market; there is nothing like warm, fresh mozzarella..heaven… unless it’s made into burrata!!


Fresh mozzarella with arugula and other garnish is divine~


Burrata takes the basic mozzarella and creates a pocket of fresh cream and mozzarella curd; here is the burrata about to be sealed; that’s the cream on top~


the mozzarella is first stretched; this is why they call the outer layer stracciatelli or rags….see the steam rising off the cheese in this pic….ahh~


Gli fratelli are from LA and I love their small pocket of fresh hot mozzarella with cold cream which we had at the Nancy Silverton book signing at Chino Ranch~


If I had a big party I would hire gli fratelli to make burrata….but if you can’t…hit Bristol Farms or other grocer and pair the cheese with tomato (red beefsteak or yellow heirloom are so pretty), peach, papaya or other sweet and add balsamic and olive oil and sea salt and pepper.  Great too over bread slices for a tray pass appetizer…I love it on a bed of arugula or with basil on top…..or try on a salad. I love the different textures, as well as the sweet and salty and tang of vinegar together.  The peach/tomato/basil/burrata is probably my favorite though….and serve with some hot crusty French bread on the side to sop up the oil and vinegar….

In between doctors appointments for my parents and cleaning up after the party I’m trying to collect a few party tips for a post.  Food for a party should be yummy…it should make your guests want MORE.  It should make them go wow for a dish or two.  Burrata is simple yet delicious….it’s the darling of the restaurant business and I am sure you will see more of it.  In the US it is made of pasteurized cheese so a different taste than in Italy, but I love this Gioia stuff!  Give it a try and see what you and your guests think~


  1. While eating it, I knew I would be serving it at my next party - so much wow factor. I would have never thought to pair with the peach, so yum!

  2. This sounds Wonderful!! I can't wait to try it!!Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. will try it soon, have lots of company coming!! thanks for the heads up on Gioia, will seek it out..



  4. This is such a great post...I always learn something new here! I will keep my eye out for burrata here, it sounds delicious! I really enjoyed the pictures of the process!


    1. Burrata is so lush and rich. Thank you so much for the photos; I've never seen how it was made before.

      I came across the following recipe on a blog but lost the reference:

      Over the burrata drape paper-thin slices of prosciutto, sprinkle with chopped toasted almonds, and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. It's very good.

  5. Oh Andrea you travel to the ends of the earth for the perfect gourmet delights!! Sounds so yummy the way you prepare the Burrata!

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    2012 Artist Series

  6. This looks absolutely fantastically delicious!!!! :D I adore Mozarella! :D


  7. Loved this post.
    It looks so yummy and I never knew this.
    I would love to try it.
    Thanks for the info.