Friday, August 17, 2012


One thing I have learned is that no matter how much planning and list making I do before an event, there is always some surprise that prevents everything from going perfectly as planned.  This week, it was Mom’s fall and broken arm.  The last few days have been completely lost, my total focus on Mom and Dad and their care.  We took Mom in to get her arm set yesterday, and instead of setting it, they admitted her.  That took half the day!  Then I spent the rest of the day and evening doing Dad’s transcription (which Mom would normally do), drive him around, make him dinner, walk the dogs…on and on the usual stuff.

While waiting in the ER, I made a phone call to Dominic in LA.  Could he please ship the pasta to me as I won’t have time to drive up to get it?  Sure.  This was the first of a string of things that got changed or scratched from the list.  I also didn’t have time to go to LA to get the flowers Mom wanted (the bucket of roses again) and tomorrow instead I will pick up a few more flowers and greens at the Corona del Mar market.

The house was scheduled for a quick once-over by me yesterday; that didn’t happen of course, so it will be done tomorrow.  The kitchen table at least is clean~


I was up until 1am last night baking, and home again today at 4pm to do more desserts; even after “cleaning up” the kitchen looks like a bomb went off; this will have to be cleaned up~


Today was to be the install day for the tables and chairs; that didn’t happen, so Laura, Raquel and I will do it in about an hour.  At half past seven, the loggia is nicely lit; these lanterns are on dimmers, and this is full beam~


I rose at 6am to go to LA to pick up the fresh burrata; and call the powdercoat guys, who were to bring my outside bar, two tables and three gates back, today.  This morning they said they were finishing the job and could deliver today.  But at 430 I suddenly remembered and called…no answer.  This dinner was the only reason I had these pieces out for repair and powdercoat.  I can’t believe they aren’t going to be here….unless Genaro comes with his truck tomorrow. I spent the evening looking and looking for him and my gates.  Oh my….I will still put the votives and candles out here on the entry to the loggia.  But I am so disappointed that the white gates are not here…


In the end, after several consulting doctors, Mom is not having surgery on her arm, it is casted and the weight of the arm will pull the humerus back into position, or close to it.  While I know I am fussing a little about the party details, in the end I don’t really care if the gates are back or not, I care that Mom & Dad are here and cared for.  I thank God that Mom didn’t break a hip or hit her head and do some real damage; that’s what matters to me this week and every week.  It seems at the last minute a number of details have changed, a few guest adding and dropping as expected, but we will still be forty tomorrow and I will adapt.  Instead of the nice bar, which I will really miss, I think I will do something creative with the mass of crates sitting in the driveway.  Tomorrow, at last, is party day!! (And still so much to do!)


  1. Andrea I know it will all work out. You will have your friends there to support and help you.Just ask everyone to pitch in. If I could travel this soon after surgery I would be up all night putting it together just like you want! (So excited to see your deserts!)

    Your Mom is in good hands and yes so good it was not worse. Remember you really need this little event!

    Plus to think you took the time to put my special get well package in the mail. Your kindness knows no bounds. I treasure that you are encouraging me with my healing and rehabso much!

    Love & Hugs

  2. Oh how I wish I was closer so I could lend a hand.

    However you chose to improvise for the the missing bar, I know it will be brilliant.

    I am very relieved to hear that your mother's break will not require surgical intervention.

    Andrea, you give me unlimited courage and inspiration!


  3. Andrea, Please check your email...I have just sent you a long "letter"...a bientot, Patty

  4. You are amazing that you take all that life throws at you and you still throw a party right back. Please take a moment during the night to look around at all you did and enjoy it, you deserve it.

  5. I am just popping in to wish you...***Happy Party Dinner Day!***

  6. Andrea, I know you will handle it all with the grace and finesse that is part of who you are! And everyone will LOVE it! God obviously knew it would all go down this way and still go on and still be a blessing to many. And speaking of blessings... your parents are so blessed to have you there to be with them and help! I just got back from visiting my dad (four states away) and was trying very hard to "be anxious for nothing" (Phil 4:6), knowing that if anything happens, he's somewhat alone. I'm praying really hard that he'll consider moving here at least for half of each year (and eventually make it a permanent thing - he'd LOVE California). If we were only a bit closer, my daughter Kate and I would rush right down to be your extra hands and feet. But since we can't, I'll be praying that everything falls into place, with time for you to catch your breath!

  7. I can't stop wondering if your gates arrived...

  8. Your kitchen is gorgeous even if it feels like a bomb went off in it :)
    I can't imagine entertaining with so much going on! I'd need a nap, coffee, glass of wine.. all of the above! Good luck!

    Just stumbled upon your lovely blog and I'm your newest follower!