Thursday, August 23, 2012

Something’s Brewing

As the problems are one by one solved in Laguna, my mind turns to France.  Waiting, wanting, to just be there.  It is another existence, which makes me complete and renders me unconditionally happy.  Where ancient Moroccan baskets with holes in them are not only tolerated, but loved~

france 280

I long to step inside the petit salon, the door decorated for the season,

france 304

and the table set for two or for ten~

france 308

I have a few really great projects in the works in SoCal, involving styling and food~

france 930

and we will most definitely have a fall farm to table dinner in Laguna that will feature some fall-ish produce~

france 268

I am also getting some new copper and other French pieces to add to my collection; can’t wait to show you~ no need to despair when great food, great friends,wonderful projects and life in France awaits~

france 743

Shout out to Jacqueline & Guy…..missing you this summer and love the bassine…can’t wait for the new arrivals~


  1. You are not alone wishing to be in France.
    I would love to be there too. Great images.
    Awaiting your next post. yvonne

  2. Good morning, Andrea!
    Tonight, my daughter and I will be taking our first classic French cooking class! I am here to tell you two things...I gave you a tiny shout out at the end of my post today and...I will say a little silent prayer for you between each course on this very special night!

  3. Would love to be in France now... miss Europe so much! fantatsic photos and really seasonal thoughts! :)


  4. Dear Andrea,
    I am so happy to hear your spirits up.I know you have been going through; yet you party was a huge success. You will go to France soon!Every time I see that image of your dining room in Beune and that work of art; truly I nearly faint.I feel I have been there.

    Adore the Moroccan...would love to have one as well as the basket. I wish you were here

    Staying positive every day!
    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  5. Bonjour Andrea,

    I'm hoping you'll be back in France soon too - would love to get together once again! We need to catch up soon!

    Happy weekend,

  6. It all looks and sounds wonderful! You've been in my thoughts ... hope all is well.


  7. We are all lifting you up in our prayers! That copper is just luscious...