Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shades of Blue & Green

Tomorrow is the day, surgery at 730am.  I hope we can get him up and out the door at 5am.  I joked with the surgery scheduler that I would have him sleep in the car.  Dad overheard and mentioned a few days later that he might sleep in the car, but he is at this moment in his own bed upstairs.   I spent this morning taking care of parents’ paperwork and Dad’s office billing, then it was to Encinitas to the market to fill in for Raquel as manager, which was a welcome distraction.  With the upcoming party in mind, I bought a flat of pastured Auracauna eggs from Eben-Haezer, which were perfect with some hydroponic greens in my small basket.  This was the first pass; how to fit 30 eggs in here?


The fine asparagus came from Daniel, who gives me my produce for free in exchange for some burlap runners from time to time and a chat in French.  Love these kids! 


I had about 20 children come up and quickly pick up a blue/green egg, much to their parents’ dismay and usually an immediate command of “Put That Down!”…..I didn’t bark any warnings.  If they broke one it would be another story, but that didn’t happen despite the immediate attraction of the colored eggs.  They were all exceedingly curious that an egg could be blue-green.


Are the yolks blue or green, they asked?  One little girl begged for one to take home, and of course I let her choose one (blue) which she cradled in her hands with a broad smile….hope it made it home!


I will make all the desserts for the party next Thursday and Friday from these, and thought today would be good to start shopping.


The alarm goes off in five hours, so I best get to bed, even if I am not ready for sleep.  I did it all, got them ready, got Dad ready, all is packed and ready.  Fingers crossed all goes well!  Many thanks to all of you who have emailed and commented…


Tomorrow is another day, as Scarlett told us. Let’s hope for a good one!


  1. So beautiful is your farm fresh basket!
    Your sweet Dad is in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Last night I was dreaming of raised planter boxes and pebble gravel. :)

    Thoughts, prayers and love.

  3. Good luck Andrea, I hope the surgery goes well. I know your know your plate is full, but your well thought out preparations will carry you and your family far. Those eggs are beautiful! Hope to see you at the CDM market Saturday, with chocolate chip cookies in hand...

  4. You have such beautiful produce!!! And I wish your Dad a good surgery and happy recovery.


  5. Dear Andrea thinking of you and your Father and hope all goes well.

    Your market basket is gorgeous with the colored eggs, greens, asparagus ( I love the very fine & thin) limes. So glad you are taking care of the markets while Rachel is is the perfect diversion!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  6. Best of luck with the surgery and thank you for being able to give us such lovely pictures as well.

  7. I hope everything is going well for you and your family.

    I can't look at those Auracauna eggs without thinking of cute Auracauna 'beards' :)