Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogging backwards

I saw my friend Priscilla yesterday, and she reminded me of the last date I had blogged. WHERE are the photos of the trip? Well, I guess I've been a little busy since I got back....another story.

So I am going to go through the trip with you. Here is the first night in Paris, the boys were incredibly tired. They did not inherit my travel genes I guess. We went by le Grand Colbert, which R and I adore, but passed that and went on to the Brasserie du Louvre. The portions were French, not American, but no matter, since the boys were jet lagged (see photo).

While they slept in their plates, I enjoyed a wonderful salmon plate.
Afterwards, we went to Cafe Marly, my old haunt where I would spend 2 hours with a single espresso. We had a series of desserts, and a lovely mocha, see photo. I hate to reveal the theme ahead of time, but it cost me $75 for coffee and dessert at Marly, but then it was $80 for food in O'Hare before we even got going!

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