Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cake of the Month/Week/Day

Little Kristin is getting married, and she asked me to do her wedding cake. Love to!!! I bought the Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes book (perfect but used, on Alibris) and brought it to her, with the idea that we could sample a "cake of the month" until the wedding approached, which is about a year away. "How about a cake of the day"? asked Little Miss Sweet Tooth. Today we had Martha's devils food cake, which I made last weekend in two versions, with and without sour cream, and was scarfed down in entirety by my family. I made the classic (no cream) French Cocoa (from my favorite shop in Beaune) cake last night, imbibed with Kahlua and frosted with creme Chantilly. The cake had a delicate ribbon border and was topped with flowers from my garden, including pink hydrangeas, white glads and very fragrant plumeria. We also had a sauce made from 3 kinds of chocolate- Valrhona (my fave but not sweet), Ghiradelli, and a Belge milk chocolate. It was all good, and got the thumbs up from the diverse tasting team....

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