Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paris in August

I forgot just how quiet Paris is in August. Many (most?) of the stores seemed to be closed for the summer holiday, in most cases from around August 2nd until August 24th. That included several restaurants on my list, my favorite home store (so no scented candles this trip), two chocolatiers, and Deyrolle, which is the "world's best" taxidermy store. It was the one store Dennis really wanted to see, but we spent a little time in front looking longingly at the items in the window....not sure I would put the pig or rabbit in my house, but the canary was adorable, though dear at 350 Euros....
Still, there were a few uniquely Parisian sights to see; this florist stood out with the profusion of petals and flowers on the street, in contrast to everyone else. The city workers were also taking advantage of the month by filling a few potholes on Rue de Bac. I loved that they were carrying the macadam in little wooden buckets!

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