Monday, September 28, 2009

Villa Ephrussi

I could do about 20 posts on this villa, which is on Cap Ferrat. It was build by Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild (she of the Rothschild family) and her husband Russian Baron Ephrussi, between 1905 and 1912; it was a piece of rock when it was built, and Beatrice had the soil brought it and numerous gardens created. She used to have all her household staff dressed up in pom pom hats like a cruise ship; the second name for the house and gardens is Ile de France, after the ocean liner; and so the gardens are shaped as if on a ship; I have been here a half dozen times, and each visit I appreciate it more! I will post again; here are a few general shots to give you the idea; the water display in front of the villa was set to opera music; very impressive!
Baron Ephrussi died several years after the villa was finished, and Beatrice could not stay there after his death. So she only had a few years there. More later....

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