Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Splash of Orange

I've posted before, Orange has been my sleeper color. I debated it on the initial container, and I've never looked back. Even the kitties visiting the market gravitate to the orange~
it goes great with Vuitton, here in Palisades~
and lately, as in the pic above, I've noticed a lot of copper-haired people wearing orange, here in Rancho Santa Fe~
the demographic is high-end in RSF; clearly the well-heeled have a preference for the color; you see it in Italy a lot in the winter which is why I continue to stock it year-round~
this woman bought a pair of orange Cap Ferrat totes from me recently, and last week she was dressed in this orange Juicy Couture set. A moment later, she paid for a $3 tamale with a $100 bill; what was I saying about the demographic? She is a really lovely person~
Orange isn't just for the young either; note the orange + Vuitton combo again~
or just the people; sweet Miss Snoopy had a touch on for Halloween~
there was orange in hand and touches of orange on the costumes; firemen was a hot theme this year in RSF on the little tykes~
and even the girls; loved her socks with the tulle ruffle~
I've had a super busy week and so little time for blogging. Tomorrow I start the run up to a family dinner on Friday night, and I have five holiday events and markets this weekend on top of a pair of "must attend" events. Little shout out to Lorie here, invaluable help to me!


  1. It is an autumn colour, too. Perfect for this time of year, one sees it when we do not see it the rest of the time. It is refreshing, however I cannot wear it. No reason not to have it in a tote, though!

  2. Love the orange stripe socks!

    Sending happy thoughts to you!

  3. I have red hair and never once thought of wearing orange. I will be on the lookout for a nice orange sweater now.

  4. Love the kitty in the Orange Basket!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my basket from you! I bought some in Provence for my girls but yours is the best! I missed you too and thought of you alot on my trip~

  5. I like the orange basket and I like this color in small doses! Owners of a home in our previous neighborhood painted all the interior walls halloween orange! When they had the lights on it looked like a giant jack-o-lantern. Sounds like you are super busy. Take care.

  6. Andrea, have been thinking of you so much and your gift to the blog world. I happen to love orange as well!

    Come and enter my new Giveaway, I know you will love it!


    Art by Karena

  7. love this! hope you don't mind - i posted about your baskets today!