Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bouquet Garni

Here we are, ten days out from Christmas Day, and I admit, I’m starting to wear down!  Kerry and I will make 30 gift baskets in the next few days, yesterday I got the last of my packages mailed, and besides the Tree and a few flowers, my house looks like a disastrous mess of stuff in baskets.  This Sunday I will pick up an 18 pound fresh hen turkey and a seven bone prime rib from DaLe Ranch, and we will enjoy several large family meals. Next week.  Let me first get through this one!

I have not wrapped my gifts yet, but I’m relying heavily on Williams Sonoma, lilac double-face satin and a little silver and green.  The green will come in the form of bouquet garni which will be on all my gifts.  Laura asked me to bring her some back from France at the end of this month, but even a French grocery store version is nothing compared to fresh.  Toss into a sauce or soup, tuck inside your Sunday chicken.  I am forever using bouquet garni.

At Chino Ranch last weekend, I picked up the last bunch of bay leaf.  It’s interesting to walk around the ranch because you can see two of the largest bay bushes you have ever seen, with beautiful dark green glossy leaves.  I have my own small bay (aka laurel)  tree in the garden, but it sees enough use, so for Christmas I bought some.  Nothing is priced at Chino, and I was wondering I would be paying $20 for a bunch of bay….the words came out of his mouth very slowly….”two…..dollars for the bunch.” Sold!


The thyme came from my garden~


Wrap a small bunch of thyme in the bay leaf~


I use linen twine to tie my bundles; cotton twine also works well; some people use raffia for looks, but I prefer the cotton or linen twine to throw in a stock or sauce.  I will probably add some other decorative ribbon on top of this~


Bay leaf aids in digestion; the thyme is a source of many vitamins in addition to warding off congestion, cough and flu-like symptoms.  Can never have enough thyme.  Not to mention the wonderful flavor~


Here are my finished bundles which went off yesterday.  Wishing everyone a good end of the week, there’s just one more to go!


I will be in Beaune for New Year’s Eve and I am just starting to get excited…we will be hosting a small party, and I am looking forward to some restful days after the craziness of the holiday season!


  1. What a pretty and useful idea! I have bay and thyme in my garden too. I'll have to try this. Thanks!

  2. Oh.........I wish I could come and help you Andra with all those gift baskets. I can imagine that the details (which you are so good at) are overwhleming right now. When you have wrapped up your lilac, send over a pic, I have a Gift Wrap Extavaganza going on over here on the blog and yours would be perfect. Oops...........that's another detail isn't it? Only if you have time. Enjoy the week. XO

  3. These are the sweetest little bundles I have ever seen!! I usually order my bouquet garni from Williams Sonoma, but it would be so nice to have it freshly made!

    You sound like you are up to your ears in baskets...but this must be an exciting time of year for your business.

    I wish you plenty of time to relax and have time for yourself. Happy Holidays!


  4. Andrea...
    Our home is in the same creative chaos as yours!
    It wouldn't be "Christmastime" if everthing was tidy. I so love to visit you...I'm soaring right along with you! {The bundles are beautiful!}
    Merry Christmastime, sweet friend!

  5. Thanks for writing and sharing with us on top of everything else. Don't forget to b r e a t h e and enjoy what you are doing. Best wishes.

  6. What a great idea...I love it!

    xoxo kelley

  7. How prettily delightful! Hope you have time for yourself amongst all the "for others".
    Merry Christmas from Thistle Cove Farm.

  8. I just LOVE everything you do Andrea! ;)
    You are so talented and definetely the hostess with the mostest! Have a wonderful time in Beaune my friend~ xoxoxo Rachel