Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cramming

I feel like I am in finals week of the School of Christmas.  There is too much goodness, too much to do, to see, to share, to gift.  To absorb. Too much to bake, too much to decorate.   And definitely too many images to share on this blog.  Later this week there will be a prime rib and traditional English dinner for the family at my house; Christmas Eve, a fantastic turkey and all the trimmings also here.  Today I picked up said prime rib and turkey from Ashley of DaLe Ranch at our Rancho Santa Fe market.  In the Chic & Christmas file, I give you my friend Anne Marie; her boots, Italian handbag and French linens bought from me today; the mistletoe was free in these bundles from one of our farmers~


I had intended to sew these monogrammed burlap pieces into lavender-filled pillows, but guess what, I didn’t make it.  I also wanted to enter a “Holiday Decorating Contest” last night by midnight and had dozens of pics of the table, but ended up falling asleep on the sofa watching The Wizard of Oz and woke up at 1am.  Oops.  Maybe next year….


Dang it, the monogrammer obviously can not read my handwriting as this is misspelled (there is no “a” it is joyeux)… free to anyone who wants this who does not care about orthographe…email me….


This was shown in the Romantic Homes shoot; the pieces of burlap are really large and can be made into pillows but most people bought them today for runners.


And speaking of goodness, a shout-out to dear Barbara, here with her new tote from me, which I dug out of my Prius but is perfectly sized for her tiny frame. Holding my poochey-bellied Honey Dog.  Barbara, I want to be as cool and as energetic as you~


I will try to poste every day this week as I have so many images and ideas to show you.  Enjoy the images, enjoy the run-up to Christmas, however fast it comes upon us!


  1. Everyone knows that French Basketeer burlap love lives here on 34th street!

  2. Love the red on the burlap..... I had a misspelled custom very large bolster once, for a customer it was to be "WRA" and it came WAR. ( not great for a king sized bed) . She laughed and we made her another one......Have a great Holiday Season!!!! Maryanne xo

  3. Love that last happy photo.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Andrea!
    Thank you for giving us the resource of your lovely ribbons.
    (Many years ago, I would travel to the LA Mart twice a year for buying trips.)
    I am happy that you will be ringing in the New Year in your lovely Beaune!
    Merry Christmas Blessings to you and your family!