Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Neuf Heure


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À cause de la décalage horaire, je n’arrivais pas à dormir plus que quelques heures hier soir.  A quatre heure du matin alors, j’ai fait de la menage, poli mes cuivres, fait du lavage et rangé la maison.  Juste avant neuf heure, je me suis promenée; personne sur le troittoir sauf les Bonnes Soeurs  sur leur chemin à la Collegiale pour la messe.  

Ici a Beaune, il fait froid, il fait calme, et il semble que le temps ne bouge pas a cette heure de la matin.  Toute arretée, comme le cheval blanc qui saute les cheminees… 

first day 008Debrancheé de ma vie, je commence a respirer, de me declencher.  Ce matin R et moi allons chercher des colis à La Poste et aussi un sapin de Noel, si possible.  Mes yeux sont deja pleins des petits joies de la France. 

Et oui, je suis bien arrivée; vous allez trouver mon blog en Français pendant ce voyage; j’ai deja pleine choses a vous montrer.

first day 008


  1. Until I am able to clean up this Google translate, let me tell you that you should try to use Mozilla Firefox and not Explorer for your browser in order to see the translation languages....if you can see the languages, click on French first and then it will show you English as a translation option. Sorry, Folks, for the trouble! Aiyee!

  2. Everything but's always something -smile-.

  3. I got the English version..YAY!!! it worked when I clicked French as you suggested.. English is right at the top of the list , then. So glad that you are enjoying your trip minus the time difference. Hope you located the post office and found a Christmas tree... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...xo HHL

  4. Andrea!
    Bienvenue à la maison à Beaune!
    Je vais essayer d'écrire mes commentaires en français.
    J'ai pris trois ans de français dans mes jours d'école. J'ai perdu la plupart de mes compétences à la langue. Il est temps pour un examen de mi vie!
    ~ Lynne
    [w / L]

  5. Google Translate worked easily with Safari on a Mac!
    Can you bring back Herbs de Provence from a French market to the RSF market? Should be fresher and less expensive than we can buy here. Happy New Year...

  6. Hey bth, I am off to the big Saturday market in a few hours and will be buying plenty of herbs to bring back~ see you soon....

  7. I couldn't find the
    English translation option...which forced me to try to read it in French...I think I understood most of it! Too chicken to comment in French though.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Clearly one week on France is not enough to re-establish your sleep routine! It must be difficult to drag yourself away so soon.

    I love this merry-go-round - I sat and watched it while having many wonderful memories.

  9. Missing you. Love the backs of the chairs. That was some beautiful preparations. I am packing up Christmas a little at a time, still sick.
    Woke up with top of the skull headache.
    Sitting at computer with a sack of frozen split peas on the noggen. Happy new year.
    PS didn't have any alcohol to cause it either, Must be meds.. yvonne