Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Posies

I love to do big arrangements in our house, but a few smalls tucked here and there are surely wonderful...  This year I am using humble carnations, but grouped into a pin-cushion form; here is the finished product on my coffee table~


Do you remember a short time ago, I told you about the scented candles from Market Candle?  When the candles have burned down, don’t throw away the glass; freeze them to pull the remaining wax out, and clean with Goo-Gone or other produit.  They make great flower vases.  I wrap them in bark; here is how~

We have a tree common here locally which sheds a very soft bark; I will have to figure out the name; but it peels softly in sheets; you could also do this with any fabric, leaves, bark, or pine needles….the options are endless….just look to your garden!  You could also do this with a pillar candle, as a natural alternative to the “faux bark” ones like they now sell at Pottery Barn.  Start with a glass votive and a sheet of bark~


Using a glue gun, run a straight line of glue vertically along the glass and press the bark on to it; roll the glass so that the bark covers the surface and then glue the other end of the bark; overlap the bark slightly so that the entire surface of the glass is covered~


You will end up with a log, like this~


Use scissors to trim the excess, top and bottom~


Fill with water; tie the stems with wire, rubber band or twist-tie~


Set the flowers into the vase~


Try the same idea with baby’s breath; it’s very simple yet refreshing for holiday~


Same idea for construction; I like the “pincushion” look so tie the stems together~


Tuck these little beauties in on your coffee table (mine is as yet a jumble of sparkly things, including the rings for the Karena Giveaway!), food table, powder room; I would love to line a walk or stairs with these pretty bundles; the addition of the bow says “Christmas” to me~


I am in the midst of Christmas décor; more to show you soon~


  1. Very inspiring!
    I'm off to the flower market tomorrow.
    More orange and red roses. I have them everywhere this year. With fir branches, holly and nandina berries. Very medieval and I love it!

  2. Love your idea Andrea, thank you for sharing, looking forward to more.have a lovely day ,
    hugs from Afrique du Sud.

  3. Such a creative touch and it certainly delivers an impact. You always offer such great ideas ~ just what I need this time of year :)


  4. Hi, that's a birch tree. I love those trees. They do not grow here in the south. I wish they did. That was a beautiful use of the bark, good job.

  5. Ok, the birch wrapped vases~ it's toooooo much goodness.

    I'm standing up to say that I like carnations. They smell good and last forever.

    Well done mon amie.

  6. Beautiful bouquets. I saw red carnations used very effectively stuck into a table spray of evergreens, no stems showing. Startling color!

  7. So beautiful~ I love how you reused the glass~ xo Rachel

  8. Andrea this is the perfect reuse of the candle glass. I adore the little posies!! Your table looks wonderfully festive!

    Come and enter the latest in The 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways from Design du Monde!


    Art by Karena

  9. very very pretty display Andrea! Great minds think alike!

  10. Lovely and Inspiring!

    Nothing like hanging with crafty and artsy bloggers in this Season.

    Thank you for sharing,

  11. Gorgeous ...great idea. We have a tree like this and I was trying to figure out what to do with the bark...I also thought it would be cool around a candle but probably a fire hazard...unless it was a hurricane lamp perhaps.