Monday, December 26, 2011

A Happy Shiny Christmas

We surely enjoyed our Christmas meal and our evening together.  Lots of shiny bright personalities, lots of laughter, enjoyment at the thought of being all together once again~

christmas eve 2011 055

The table was set simply yet with much finery; no excess; it all counted~christmas eve 2011 059

My goal is to find these French curtain rings for all of those who want them….looking….please be patient….

christmas eve 2011 067

For appertif, we had Kir Royal, California Sparkling with Crème de Cassis; watch for more on this later this week~

christmas eve 2011 072christmas eve 2011 076

for appetizer, baked brie which you will also see this week~delicious molten lava of brie which was all eaten~

christmas eve 2011 029

My local family was all there, and we all brought our dogs; here is Isabella the Italian Greyhound doing her best Max of the Grinch fame impersonation~

christmas eve 2011 082

I cooked a 17+ pound turkey with all the trimmings~

christmas eve 2011 092christmas eve 2011 090




















Afterward, there were presents under the tree and time to relax, have chocolates and pears belle Helene for dessert, again more later this week~

christmas eve 2011 098


christmas eve 2011 100

It was a great Christmas but stay tuned this week for explanations, recipes, and explanations…..


  1. Andrea,
    The memories of these holiday times to cherish forever!

    I will look forward to the recipes! Our family always laughs, has fun, and oh the food!

    Art by Karena

  2. It's all so lovely, Andrea!
    I look forward to the explanations and recipes!
    Your burlap is wrapped beneath our Christmas tree! It makes me smile!
    We had a wonderful Christmas! It was magic!

  3. just looks so essentially xmasy :) best le xox

  4. Andrea, it looks like everyone surely did have a wonderful time at your house! We have lots of memories stored away from our wonderful Christmas too!

  5. What a lovely Christmas you had! Please include me on the list of folks who want the french curtain rings!

  6. What kind of people invite their beloved ones' pets to the Christmas Gathering?

    The Best KIND.

    Wishing you a Wonderful, Happy and Succefull New Year!!!

    A bientôt,

  7. Love the pictures can"t wait for the the blog...I am a new follower of yours...come on over for a visit...phyllis