Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Proper English Dinner

After the Thanksgiving meal, I usually prefer to go “light” for Christmas, with seafood.  This year, my nieces & nephews requested “comfort food” of either beef or turkey, as they all missed the Thanksgiving meal.  As soon as they were all in town, I hosted a prime rib dinner, which I billed as a “proper” English meal before our Christmas dinner; Yorkshire Pudding, anyone?~


The setting was our Guest House, with high beamed ceilings, English pub chairs and an English oak oval table~

IMG_9755 - Copy

The firebox is perfectly round, and the mantel is made of stone and ships’ timbers, including the keel; I borrowed the flowers from our Christmas table in the dining room for this evening; it was already cozy before the food arrived~

IMG_9756 - Copy

While the beef cooked, we prepared the Yorkshire pudding.  Do not be intimidated by this fine accompaniment to roast beef; I use a classic recipe that’s hard to mess up: crack four eggs into a measuring cup and look at the volume; add an equal volume of milk and then an equal volume of flour (sifting gets rid of the lumps).  Whisk all in a bowl, then let stand for at least 20 minutes~

IMG_9752 - Copy

In a muffin tin, add a spoonfull of beef fat and drippings to the bottom of each cup~

IMG_9754 - Copy

Pour the batter into each cup on top of the drippings; using a cup as shown is the neatest way to do this! Fill 2/3 full~

IMG_9763 - Copy

Bake hot at 425 degrees, and do not ever open the oven to peek! You will be rewarded with this, which you should serve ASAP prior to deflation~

IMG_9764 - Copy

Add in one British dog~

IMG_9787 - Copy

and a little tartan (these are actually old draperies I cut up with pinking shears; though they are 40 years old, despite the moth holes I love the Buchanan tartan linen, which Mum brought back from Canada a long time ago)~


the little knights came from London and NYC by me a long time ago and were lovely on the table next to the Buchanan~

IMG_9782 - Copy

When the food hit the table, the crowd got right to passing it around, and picking a few weights out of the napkins~


Multiple batches of Yorkshire Pudding helped sop up all the gravy; the plates were then inspected by the Norfolk Terrier Association of Dishwashers~


meanwhile the fireplace crackled and the conversation was just as lively~

IMG_9776 - Copy

Dessert was apple crumble, recipe to follow later~

IMG_9780 - Copywith home made cinnamon ice cream~

IMG_9781 - Copy

My flight leaves in 11 hours for Paris, and I am packing while posting….wishing you all a lovely Christmas!


  1. Delightful Andrea. And is this you in the photo?

  2. how long to bake the pudding?

  3. Dear Andrea!
    What a wonderful dinner! I love the Tartan and the Terrier as well! Safe travels!

    P.S. You won my December "glassybaby"!

  4. Have never minded a dog at the plate!

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  5. Wonderful table and history! Love the doggie too!

  6. Everything looks wonderful!! I love the English theme! I haven't made Yorkshire pudding in a long time, I have to treat my family!

    Have a good, safe trip!


  7. A beautiful gathering ~ you have such a lovely talent!