Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Wraps

I got a little ahead of myself this year.  I had not even started to consider what to do for Christmas gift wrap when I began to think of how to decorate for New Year’s eve in France.  I have long been a fan of the best quality double face satin you can buy, which is called “Swiss Satin” as it is made in Switzerland.  I used to buy this at Bon Marche in Paris, but you can find all shades of the rainbow at Michael Levine’s in downtown Los Angeles ($50 minimum for shipping), surely at MJ’s in NYC and other stores. The best brand is Morex; if you buy it by the yard at retail, it’s $1.50 for this 1 1/2 inch ribbon; if you buy a spool of 27 yards it is less than $1 per yard.  I bought a spool of red which is already gone, as well as a spool of this color, which is called Lilac; I love it so much and especially how well it goes with creamy 19thC French linens.  Many thanks to Sande Chase of A Gift Wrapped Life for the mention on this; surely everyone knows Sande but if not, you will find wonderful gift inspiration through her…


There are other colors which compliment, don’t you love this fuchsia satin on the Point a la Ligne tapers from Paris~


I tucked in a trio of bouquet garni…surely the scent of thyme will welcome the recipient, Sande, in this case~


the entire set was enveloped in fuchsia tulle….in lieu of paper, for reuse, for re-gift, for whatever….my sniff test is, would I love to receive this gift, you bet I would!


I am getting ready for our English dinner tomorrow eve; apple crisp in the oven, table being set…the Holidays are upon us, hooray!


  1. Beautiful wrappings Andrea~ Have a wonderful time!! xoxo Rachel

  2. L-O-V-E your marriage of old linen and lilac/lavender colors...x Colette x

  3. The ribbons are luscious! have a wonderful Christmas and New Years, Andrea!


  4. I cannot imagine a more spectacular wrapped gift. Sande is the champion of wrapping but you, are her runner up!

    I hope your English dinner is a wonderful success. May the Joy and Peace of Christmas be with you now and throughout the new year.

    Merry Christmas dear Andrea,
    xx oo Deb

  5. It is still sitting wrapped on my sideboard Andra, I don't think I will ever unwrap it though I know I should. Such a lovely gift and you are the sweest most thoughtful girl ever. You used my favorite Swiss ribbon too, Happy Holidays Andra and have a most wonderful dinner tonight. Much love XO

  6. Andrea You do everything so beautifully!! The ribbon is so specisl it is all you need got a fabulous gift wrap!I can see Sandee loves it!

    Linda from Surroundings has won your gift for the 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!

    Art by Karena

  7. Andrea, what beautiful gift wrapping!! I love the pinecone ornament-just gorgeous!!

  8. Your beautiful wrappings of your gifts speak of the care and love you have for the recipients of these.
    Joyeux Noël

  9. The packages are just beautiful. I've saved some of the pine cones I glittered to place on my presents ~ now I just need to find the time to wrap them.

    Happy celebrating!

  10. Andra, everytime I see satin ribbon on sale I buy, buy buy. Love it, makes an elegant statement. Guys don't notice, just a warning..
    all the best for the new year, thanks for the great posts kiddo..

  11. I have bought some good linen at Michael Levine...such a great tip about the ribbon...and love the tulle wrap idea!

  12. Andrea, just stopping by some of my favorite blogs to say Merry Christmas! (BTW... You've had some gorgeous posts on holiday decor, gifts, etc! )

    Have a very blessed time with your family and enjoy some time to absorb all the love and joy of the season!