Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Osprey

I went to the grocery store around 7pm to get some wine for the gang at the house tonight; on the 3 blocks to the store, I saw a crowd of 20 people assembled, around what we thought was an Osprey or Sea-Hawk. It dropped a 16" leopard shark on the wall across the street (see photo; it looks fake but that's a leopard shark!). This was a baby bird, we thought, but still totally magnificent.
It was still there on my way home.
My mom likes those cardboard 6-pack wine carriers, but I love a basket I have from France. It's made in Morocco, and fits 6 bottles nicely, see photo. If you are concerned about construction and durability, don't be: this basket carries the weight of 6 bottles with no problem. Welcome to the European way....

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