Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{Your Boutique} Produce Bag Bundles

This morning I dropped off the last of the baskets for the Paula trunk show, as well as the custom net bag bundles I made up for them. Phyllis was a quick adopter of the net bags at the farmers market, and she also wanted them for the trunk show; I asked her for some extra business cards, to use as hang tags for the bundles. She and Paula have unusual round business cards, with the usual coordinates on the back. They really look sharp with the net bags, don't they? I used orange paper raffia ribbon for them. Usually I do two colors of ribbons, but I didn't want to compete with the Paula logo.
I've used my own business card and my own hang tags, and done sets up for party favors and baby shower favors. But this gives me a big new set of ideas about where to go with it.
After I left Paula, I went over to the Farmers market 2 blocks away. I met the market manager, who runs another market I had wanted to get in to; she is totally full at that market and didn't seem to want to hear any of my story. She directed me to another bag vendor at the market today. That vendor sells one small net bag (identique) for $5!!!!!!! I sell 3 for $7 and that includes the tax! The net bags are great, but I think you get a lot of resistance at $5 for a little tiny net bag. I want to sell them cheap and get them out there. As far as I know there are 3 of us in the entire US who have bought the same kind of bag from several manufacturers. When you resell them a few times, the last sucker on the totem pole ends up selling them for $5 each. Those margins and price points just don't work. That gave me some other really great ideas. I wish I had enough time to follow thorough on all of my "good" ideas, but I think I'll get some help to implement.....wheels working.....

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