Saturday, July 18, 2009

Les Ciseaux

I don't need many tools. A credit card machine, and a good pair of scissors to trim any errant fibres or price tags from the baskets. I love my scissors and they have to be of a high quality. Don't go buy a pair at Staples, they are total junk. As most scissors are pretty lame and I am the French Basketeer, I have a few pairs of French ciseaux in my daily gear. I want to thank Alyson from Felt & Wire for her post this week, so I am going to send her my pair of Eiffel Tower ciseaux, and hope that she gets them before she sees this post. It's important to thank people!

I have a others, but here is a bird/heron (new) in vermeil style, with the screw cleverly positioned as the bird's eye, and my favorite Tour Eiffel ciseaux (not new).

What can I say, happy cutting!!!

1 comment:

  1. I have a pair of gold stork scissors. They belonged to my grandmother. When I am hand sewing I won't use anything else.