Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Confrerie of the Prius

I was in Palisades the other week, finishing a sale to a lovely actress client, when Eric came up to the booth and very excitedly said he wanted to show me his new 2010 Prius. "We both have Prius's" (Prii?) I said to the actress. "So do I!" she said, and pointed to her black Prius with gold-package lettering and limo-tint windows which was double-parked on the street a few feet away, next to Eric's. "Oh, that's the same as mine, black with limo-tint," I said. We all had a laugh, I finished the sale, then Eric showed me The Car, which keeps the interior cooled with fans powered by solar panels built in to the roof.
There is a special bond among Prius owners; I call it the Confrerie of the Prius, the Brotherhood of the Prius. I borrow of course from France, where there are so many confreries you can't keep track, including the Confrerie of Bresse Chicken Farmers (loosely! eleveurs). I discoved that this week while planning the trip for next month; I am going to be posting non-stop from France!! The best known I think is the Confrerie des Chevaliers de Tastevin; basically a Bacchanal-style wine club for men; it's complex, and you can look it up, but the the motto is "Never in Vain, Always in Wine." Well, trust me, it acutally rhymes in French...

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