Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trunk Show at Paula

Sounds like I'm having a party at my girlfriend's place, doesn't it!? She doesn't have any beds in the store, but you would be plenty comfortable moving into the Paula store in Tustin!
Paula and Paula Home are actually two joined stores, and while there is a real Paula (we met today), her partner is Phyllis, and the store is a mix of both their tastes; a wonderful example of how two partners working together really get it right.
It's hard to define the store, and I had been through their website ahead of time, but it focuses on clothing; Paula is a real candy store: there are lots of clothes (upscale casual, a little avant garde, but all quality), accessories like hats and pareos and scarves; furniture, a splash of vintage handbags & mirrored compacts, chunky jewelry pieces, also an awesome collection of books, various decorative accessories and lots of French-themed items. That's a very short list. What I really liked about the store is that they appreciate quality but realize it doesn't have to be expensive. They aren't into Chinese merchandise (with the exception of a few parasols hanging from the ceiling). They make a point to buy French, American, some Indian and some Moroccan merchandise.
I met Phyllis a few weeks ago and she had the idea to do a trunk show, so today I dropped off a lot of merchandise and the show will be over the next two days. The baskets are a perfect addition to the store; I'm looking forward to hearing the feedback. Phyllis and I started a new project too, that has me really excited and I'll post on in a few weeks. On the way home today I also had the thought to ask them if they'd like to have the Tour Eiffel there for a few weeks on consignment; it would be perfect in the space! Anyway, the store is on 1st Street in Tustin, a few doors west of Prospect. Keep it in mind for gifts and unusual items....and come to the trunk show!

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